Convict Cichlids

Male Convict Cichlid © Derreck Friday
How to tell the of sex Convict Cichlids.
Notice the longer fins and larger body size of the male.
Species/genus: Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum

Origin:   Central America
Temp:  68 - 82°F (20 - 28°C)
pH and dH:    Not really important
Temperament:   very aggressive when spawning, not a community fish
Adult Size:   Up to 6 inches    (15 cm) normally smaller

Minimum Tank Size:  10 Gallons
Feeding:   Omnivorous, eats everything
Breeding:   Prolific, a very easy species to induce to spawn, an excellent first Cichlid for beginners to spawn. Convicts might be the easiest egglayer to spawn with the possible exception of the White Cloud Minnows