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Catfish and Loaches

Profiles, keeping, spawning and caring for Catfish and Loaches

Albino Bristlenose Plecos - Viewed 8606 times
Post by: ken89 on May 12, 2007, 09:36:49 PM hi im kinda new catfish, have kept fish for 5years but first time bought catfish. bristlenose are catfish rite? lol.ummm im wondering the best conditions for breeding because i bo

Borneo Sucker or Hillstream Loach - Viewed 8503 times
By : anonymous  Common Name: Borneo Sucker or Hillstream Loach Borneo Sucker © anomynous Latin Name: Beaufortia KweichowensisOrigin: Hong Kong

Botia kubotai - Viewed 8028 times
By Trigun Common names of the fish: Polka-Dot Loach, Marble Loach, Cloud Botia, Angelicus Loach, Burmese Border Loach, Cloud-Pattern Loach, Thai Loach, and Botia "Angelicus"Latin or Scientific Name: Botia kubotaiOrigin or Range: Salween River System in Myanmar

Bronze Corydoras - Viewed 5704 times
Bronze Cory © Mickel Alibino Bronze Cory © Mickel

Chinese Algae Eater - Viewed 5486 times
Chinese Algae Eater © Chinese Algae Eater © 

Clown Loach - Viewed 4612 times
© Dustin © Clint Norwood Species/genus:&n

Clown Loaches - Viewed 4860 times
By William Berg Scientific Name: Botia macracanthusOther Scientific Name(s): Cobitis macracanthus, Botia macrocanthusCommon Name: Clown Loach Clown loaches are very popular aquarium fish; however they are not

Clown Pleco - Viewed 10289 times
 Clown Pleco © anomynous  Clown Pleco © anomynous

Corydoras Catfish - Viewed 14824 times
By: Darren Common Name: Corys Latin Name: Corydoras Origin: South America-Brazil Temperature: 77-83 Ease Of Keeping: Easy Aggressivness: Peaceful Lighting: All lightings, although it prefers dimmer lightings. Adult Size: About 6 cm Minimum Tank Size: 18g

Dojo Loach Breeding - Viewed 5921 times
By: TheGreatBlueDiscus The Dojo Loach is an egglayer. I have 2 of them in my 75g tank. They spawn regularly. Spawning always coincides with a large water of 35% or more, followed by addition of water set 2-3 degrees cooler. I think this almost simulates a cool summer rain for the fish.

Emerald Catfish - Viewed 4370 times
Emerald Catfish © Devan Pearson By: Devan Pearson Common Name: Emerald CatfishLatin Name: Brochis SplendensOrigin: Brazil, Peru, EcuadorTemperatur

Glass Catfish - Viewed 4347 times
By Clint Norwood  Glass Catfish © Etrace  Species/genus:   Kryptopterus bicirrhis Origin:   Indones

Hoplo Catfish - Viewed 10985 times
Hoplo Catfish © CyrilMy hoplo catfish, he/she is very lively and very greedy.He is not agresive in our very full community tank, he has grown very quickl

In Pursuit of the Panda Corydoras - Viewed 5993 times
Picture 1: My 10-gallon planted panda tank. Left to right: anubias barteri,anacharis, java fern (2). Six adults, 12 fry.© Jonathan Rehor 

Keeping and Spawning Albino Bristle Nose Pleco - Viewed 30247 times
Male Bristle Nose Pleco, © Blessed SilenceMale guarding eggs,© Blesse

Keeping And Spawning Corydoras Catfish - Viewed 5723 times
By Clint Norwood  © Eric Smith Origin: South America  Adult Size: Up To 3 inches (7.5cm)  Water

Kuhli Loach - A.K.A. Coolie Loach - Viewed 10473 times
Kuhli Loach - Picture © Chantelle Cochrane Species/genus:  Acanthophthalmus kuhlii Origin: 

Otocinclus - Viewed 4330 times
 Ottos The Algae Eaters, © Thomas Buck Species/genus: Otocinclus

Otocinclus Indepth - Viewed 15584 times
By Becki  Though I'm not an expert on catfish, I've picked up quite a bit of info on Otos over the last couple of years. Much of this has been from looking them up on the internet ( is a good resource), but quite a bit has

Pictus Catfish - Viewed 13484 times
By: Yvonne Garcia A very fast Pictus Catfish © Yvonne Common Name: Pictus CatLatin Name: Pimelodus PictusOrigin: Columbian Amazon

Porthole Catfish - Viewed 4474 times
© Andrew By : Andrew Common Name : Porthole Catfish T

Questions about Cories - Viewed 6610 times
Title: Questions about Cories... :)Post by: Mperor on July 18, 2006, 04:25:30 PM Hey guys...Well, cories just caught my attention again, and they're telling me that I should bring some home... :

Raising Corydoras Fry - Viewed 12147 times
By: BettaBubbles If you have had your corydoras catfish paste clusters of eggs on your tank wall, and you want to save them from their hungry parents, this is for you. We do not know much about cories, but we are currently raising some fry we decided to save. This is the method we h

Royal Pleco - Viewed 4226 times
By: cemc Common Name: Royal Pleco Latin Name: Panaque nigrolineatus Origin: South Am

Rubber-Lipped Pleco - Viewed 6490 times
Overhead View © Devan Pearson By: Devan Pearson&nb

Siamese Algea Eater - Viewed 5026 times
By: Stacy Malbon  Siamese Algea Eater © Stacy Malbon  Siam

Tadpole Madtom Catfish - Viewed 9797 times
By: Aaron Alderman Common Name: Tadpole Madtom CatfishLatin Name: Noturus GyrinusOrigin: North America, So

The Common Pleco - Viewed 4890 times
© Danelle Murphy  Species/genus: Hypostomus punctatus Origin: Brazil Temp: 68-

The Dojo Loach - Viewed 13503 times
By: Neil Hinckley Common Name: Dojo Loach A Gold Dojo Loach © Neil Hinckley Latin Name: Misgurnus anguillicaudatusOrigin: Japan and ChinaTe

The Upside-Down Catfish - Viewed 6114 times
By KimmyM   Upside-Down Catfish © KimmyM Scientific Name: Synodontis Nigriventris  Size: Up to 4 Inches (10cm)  Lifespan: 6 or more

Whiptail Catfish - Viewed 10608 times
By: JavaJoe Species/GenusRineloricaria parva/ Rineloricaria lanceolata/Rineloricaria microlepidogasterOrigin: South America (from cool, fast-flowing creeks and rivers.Temperature: 72 to 78 degrees F

Yoyo Loach - Viewed 5191 times
By: Yvonne Garcia Common Name: Pakistani Loach or Yoyo LoachLatin Name: Botia LohachataOrigin: India, Paki

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