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Diseases And Fish Health

Identifying, treating and preventing fish diseases and problems.

A Few Words On Fish Health - Viewed 6766 times
The best way to deal with fish diseases is to prevent them from happening in the first place. If you don't overcrowd, don't overfeed, do partial water changes at least every 2 weeks and quarantine all new fish and plants then you will have avoided 90% of all fish problems.In keeping with the K

A How to Guide to Chronic Swim Bladder Disorder - Viewed 10663 times
By: hakkobetta  I got the cute idea to document one of my most recent water changes for my Chronic SBD male Camo, and turn it into a little how to for people trying to care for an SBD betta on a low budget! 

Aging Bettas - Viewed 4099 times
By: Christie Fournier  In nature, aging Betta splendens would quickly succumb to predators but in the aquarium hobby they often live much longer then their wild counterparts. If we are lucky we will see our fish live out their full lives and eventually cede to natural causes. Before that ti

Aquarium Fish Health: Dealing With Cotton Mouth Disease (Mouth Fungus) - Viewed 12883 times
By: Nathan Miller  Cotton Mouth disease also know as Mouth Fungus is a disease your fish can get and it needs to be dealt with quickly. Cotton Mouth disease is not as common as the while spot disease, but, it is highly infectious and contagious.  The victim fish sho

Betta First-Aid Kit - Viewed 9149 times
By Patrick H. (BettAtrick) If you are new to keeping Bettas, it is smart to have certain items and medications at your disposal to help combat frequent Betta diseases. Here is a brief overview of a couple frequently-used items and medications carried by experienced Betta enthusiasts

Camallanus Worms: An Aquariasts Worst Nightmare - Viewed 83286 times
By TheGreatBlueDiscus The camallanus worm is a type of nematode worm that can inhabit the intestines of tropical and semi-tropical fish. This worm is quickly identified by the red paintbrush like worm tails that may protude from the affected fishes anus. Camallanus

Columnaris - Viewed 11707 times
By Fruitylicious  I wanted to do an article on one of the other common fish diseases. I hope this will help us to be more well informed and able to see the early signs of this disease. Several of the resources I listed have photos of what the fish with Columnaris looks like. I did n

Columnaris Information and Symptoms - Viewed 8873 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Image © Danelle Columnaris is commonly mistaken for a fungal problem, it is NOT a fungus, it is caused by Flexibacter bacteria. Co

Constipation Information and Symptoms - Viewed 26218 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi) Photo © R. Hunt Constipation, although terribly embarrassing, is a very common Betta ailment. Constipation is normally caused by the Betta be

Dropsy Information and Symptoms - Viewed 12005 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Examples of Dropsy, Image © Danelle 

Fin And Tail Rot - Viewed 12989 times
From The Betta Forum  Posted by: brandi

Fin Rot - Viewed 6890 times
Fin Rot is a very common disease. It is almost always caused by poor water conditions. It is contagious, but most fish are robust enough to resist it given good water conditions. The primary cause is bad water conditions. The stress induced by poor water quality, or other factors like aggression, we

Fin Rot Information and Symptoms - Viewed 39238 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Finrot © Mushi Fin Rot is arguably the number one issue you will have to deal with if you keep any number of bettas for an

Fish Tuberculosis - Viewed 28345 times
By Fruitylicious I don't want people to be afraid of fish tuberculosis, I want us to be informed about it. I have heard of people getting tuberculosis from their fish. I had questions about how this was possible and whether or not I should be worried about it. Fish tuberculosis (TB)

Had-A-Snail - Viewed 5875 times
Note: It seems that Had-A-Snail has changed it's formula and is no longer effective "Had-A-Snail" is one of only 2 fish medictions that I regularly use. This product is made to kill snails in an aquarium, and it will certainly do that. But my use of it is

Hemorhagic Septicemia - Viewed 5777 times
More common in goldfish than most other fish, this is a vast moving and particularly destructive disease. It is very sad to watch a fish succumb to this. It seems to just give up; it gets more and more lethargic but just doesnt die. It gets to the point where it'll only move when poked, wont eat, fl

Ich: Ichthyophthirius, "White Spot" - Viewed 6595 times
By Eric Smith Symptoms: Small white spots on a fish’s skin, looking like large grains of salt were sprinkled on the fish. Fish will usually “flash,” swimming very quickly and scraping itself against gravel or tank ornaments.Vuln

Ick Information and Symptoms - Viewed 35334 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Ick - Image © Danelle Ick is a protozoan parasite, and is extremely contagious. Ick will often appear when fish have been str

Popeye Information and Symptoms - Viewed 12532 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Image © Danelle Image © Lois

Rock Salt -The Magic Solution - Viewed 9203 times
By Clint Norwood The use of 1 teaspoon of regular rock salt per gallon of aquarium water will do wonders for your fish. It's a sort of magic elixer for sluggish fish, it will cure or prevent most fish ailments, and I believe it helps the fish grow faster, and "live long and pro

Salt And The Planted Freshwater Aquarium - Viewed 14525 times
By Essabee  Rock salt, or aquarium salt, or sea salt are used by several aquarist to reduce attacks from parasites like ich, costia, anchor worms, skin flukes; or for the purpose of osmo-regulation which in turn helps an injured fish to recover from scale loss or injuries; or&

Swim Bladder Disease - Viewed 35758 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Swim Bladder Disorder Information and SymptomsSwim Bladder Disorder is an extremely common betta ailment, and it typically looks worse than it actually is. I know, you're probably sitting there watching your poor betta flop around

Swimbladder & The Pea Trick (Layman's Terms) - Viewed 21828 times
Swimbladder is a disease which symptoms cause fish to become unable to swim correctly, your fish may exibit swimming toward the bottom of your tank or bowl, then floating back up, swimming in circles or laying or floating on his side.... There are three main things according to the

The Dreaded Ich - Viewed 7012 times
By Fruitylicious  Most of us know what ich looks like and how to treat it. but do we know how ich gets on our fish and how to prevent it? I didn't so I thought some other people may like to know more about this common fish disease and how to prevent it and what exactly it is. This a

Treating and preventing Ich (ick) - Viewed 6457 times
By: Nietzsche / AKA Chris Pilson  1) In order to "quarentine" a fish or plant (plants, gravel, fish, everything *can* harbor ich), it's typically a good idea to get a small tank (5-10gallon) and set it up for a period of time and watch the fish/plant/etc. to make sure that

Velvet - Viewed 12670 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Velvet, Image © Lois Velvet Information and SymptomsVelvet is probably the second most common

Velvet - Viewed 5996 times
Velvet is the most common disease among Bettas. It is caused by an algae that feeds on the slime coat of the betta, as well as other bodily fluids. It attacks the gills first, then spreads over the rest of the body. Because of this, early detection is a must, for by the time it becomes very obvious

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