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A Homemade Filter For Tiny Tanks - Viewed 19878 times
Written By: Matt Lichter  This is a small zeolite filter I've used in tiny, temporary tanks. Right now I'm using it in a 2 gallon tadpole tank, stocked with a few tiny tads. I wanted some type of filtration, but didn't have the time or energy to go through the cycling process before

A Twist on the DIY Coconut Cave - Viewed 13355 times
By Jubs Post by: Jubs on November 02, 2007, 12:01:08 AM I bought a coconut the other day with plans to make a cave as I made some a fews ago and the fish loved them but I had since sold all the tanks and moved across

An Easy To Build Aquarium Rack System - Viewed 21168 times
By Clint Norwood  Material List: 10 - 8 inch by 16 inch cement blocks costs = $15.00 7 2x4 wood studs top grade = $28.00 1 - she

Catch Your Fish The Easy Way - Viewed 11551 times
By: Jubs Well I have seen a lot people talking about catching their fish in planted and heavily decorated tanks and how much of a pain it is. Here is a easy and simple way to catch your fish without tearing up your tank. What you need to make it:P

Cichlid Condo Tower - Viewed 11110 times
By Aiptasia  "I had difficulty trying to find the right kind of cave structure for my 175 gallon African cichlid tank. I wanted some caves for them to hide in without adding any appreciable weight to the tank, and I had a length/width limitation due to the tank being box framed

Coconut Caves: DIY How To - Viewed 9358 times
Close Up of the Coconut Cave © schfiftyfive12345 By schfiftyfive12345  I have been told that coconut caves are the greatest, and I was in desperate need for

Colanders As Fry Hatcheries - Viewed 6287 times
By: Stephen Kotowych  I just wanted to suggest an entry for Tips and Tricks that I recently found out about and that I can't believe I didn't think of first (always being on the hunt for cheap alternatives in fish keeping): Using plastic spaghetti/pasta stra

DIY "Tiny Tank" Gravel Vaccuum - Viewed 6413 times
By: Jubs  Well I wanted something to get a good cleaning on my smaller tanks without just using the usual airline to suck out water I wanted a way to get gunk out of the substrate as well. If you have ever tried doing that with just a piece of hose you know things j

DIY CO2 Generator - Easy Setup - Viewed 12380 times
By: Manic Bang  Illustration © Manic Bang Illustration © Manic Ba

DIY Diffusion Bell - Viewed 11432 times
By cROwNtaiL   Here is a step by step pictorial guide on how to make your own CO2 Diffusion Bell 

DIY Filter-In-A-Conch-Shell - Viewed 9379 times
By Robert Nicholson  Front View © Robert Nicholson 

DIY In Tank Cannister Filter - Viewed 10804 times
By Jubs  So I was at the Dollar Tree (for the people that don't know it's a store that everything is a $1 or less) yesterday and I came across this...

DIY Python Automatic Water Changer - Viewed 11283 times
Title: DIY python?Post by: Carissa on November 04, 2007, 07:20:57 PM Has anyone successfully built a python out of a waterbed draining kit? I tried it but the draining was so slow I gave it up. At first I t

DIY Rainmaker - Viewed 10724 times
By Becki  The Rainmaker in action.   © Becki  The adapter and set-u

DIY Sand Siphon/Vacuum (for 5gal and smaller) - Viewed 11471 times
By "computermold"   Situation For our 2.5 gallon betta tank, we have sand substrate and there's fish and snail waste all over it.

DIY Sponge Filter in a Coconut - Viewed 16817 times
By: David Hynds   Detail © David Hynds Tired of that ugly sponge filter in your otherwise gorgeous aquarium? Here is an easy DIY project th

Diy Sump - Viewed 22822 times
By SerVo Theory behind the sump:Sumps add more water and surface the the biological system. A 55 gallon aquarium with a 10 gallon sump has the water stability of a 60-65 gallon aquarium. Sumps can also be "bio-active" meaning they house benifical plants. In a saltwat

DIY Tank Dividers - Viewed 36015 times
The easiest/quickest way to divide a tank is to hit Walmart or a craft store and buy some craft plastic canvas and report (as in school report) binders. Cut the plastic canvas to fit the tank, silicone the report binders to the sides (although I do have some tanks where they're not permanently attat

Easy Sand Washing Method - Viewed 9866 times
By Lori   Easy Sand Washing Equipment © Lori Everyone seems to like the look of a tank with a nice sandy substrate. Unfortunately, sand is

Easy Spawning Material That Works! - Viewed 5957 times
Post by: CompletePondCare on May 21, 2006, 10:56:26 PM A pair of Blue Gularis, note garland in backgro

Filter Currents: A Betta's Worst Nightmare - Viewed 58404 times
Many people need some way to slow down the current of a filter, whether because their fish are being thrown around in it or because their betta, a species notorious for their hatred of water currents, despised it. I have had the same problem, and designed a system to help alleviate it. Stopping

Homemade Sponge Filters - Viewed 13184 times
Cheaply made, highly efficient Sponge Filter Material List: 8 inch length of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch PVC pipe (Lowes, Homedepot) approx $2.00 for a 10 f

How to make tile caves for your Bristle Nose Plecos - Viewed 8346 times
By MPPI don't remember where I got the first one but once I did, they're so easy to make. A cheap piece of floor tile might run you 50 cents at the hardware store and you can get a couple caves out of it (even with breakage) See if one of your friends has a tile snapper, measure out an i

In-Tank Fry Compartment - Viewed 6930 times
From the The Think Tank (DIY- How-To) Forum Post by: CompletePondCare on November 19, 2005, 03:07:47 PM My killie breeder tanks aren't very large, and I d

Make Your Own Champagne Island - Viewed 8231 times
By Ashleigh Nelson (EastCoastMojo)     

Make Your Own Snail Trap - Viewed 19867 times
Title: Snail trapPost by: platy on June 22, 2006, 07:15:55 PM

Making Your Own Tank Covers - Viewed 7497 times
By Clint Norwood I needed several tank covers for my aquariums that house Killifish. Killies are especially prone to jumping out of the tank, but they are also fond of cooler water than other tropical fish. So a glass cover wouldn't do, it traps heat. I needed to come up with someth

PVC Cave Towers - Viewed 31223 times
By Tam-Tam  With rock substrate I came up with this version of PVC Pipe caves when I was trying to figure out a way to have natural looking caves for African Cichlids

PVC Towers - Revisited - Viewed 6297 times
By: Adam Nicholson  Comments: As an addition to the PVC Towers shown in the DIY section, After reading the article and knowing I had some spare 2" PVC pipe somewhere I decided to build a few towers for one of my tanks, but after

Sponge Filter For Shallow Tanks - Viewed 6751 times
By: bulrush  Comments: Is your sponge filter too tall to work in your tank? Then build a sponge filter ramp like I did and use it in shallow conditions. This is intended for use with filters that use tall sponges. I bought a sponge filter with 2 cylindrical spongers which is sup

The Ultimate Catfish Breeder Cave - Viewed 8284 times
By : bassman This is article was created to help anyone looking for an inexpensive and highly effective diy catfish breeding cave.   Materials requ

Tips And Tricks Part 1 - Viewed 8215 times

Tips And Tricks Part 2 - Viewed 7350 times
Got a tip to share with fellow aquarist? Send it to Fruitylicious at   Quieten That Noisy Air Pump There's 2 ways to make air pumps quieter.  1. Place the pump on a pad of foam rubber.

Tips And Tricks Part 3 - Viewed 6869 times

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