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Humorous articles dealing with the Aquarists life

Discovering Sniglets - Viewed 3272 times
By: Jan Goltz (Plecosaurus)  No, they’re not a newly discovered Amazonian fish! Sniglets are made up little words that help to describe the formerly indescribable. Although you could create interesting examples, such as “flizget” or “warcicle” – w

Fish And Quips - Viewed 6284 times
Short quips, quotes, tips or unusual things I have heard or read about aquarium fish and fishkeeping. I have no references for some of them so take them as they are, believe it or don't.Please add your own "Fish And Quips" by using the "Add Comment", right. If they are good

Fish Briefs - Viewed 3175 times
By SteveK  Near Lincoln, Neb.- A fisherman caught a 2-mouthed rainbow trout. You may have seen it on the news. Well, he decided to send the head to Harvard to let them study it. But he is keeping the other half of the fish. I guess he plans on eating it. Scientifically, I know that

Fish in the Public Eye 1 - Viewed 3022 times
By Steve Kraus (SteveK)  Hello all. This is the first of hopefully many installments of "Fish in the Public Eye".  In this section, I will share some stories that I encounter in the news, or elsewhere in media. This time we are going to go to the top ten s

Fish in the Public Eye 2 - Viewed 2648 times
By Steve Kraus (SteveK)  Finally, it is starting to warm up here in the United States. Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to get those ponds up to their full summertime glory. It is also a good time to head out to a local stream and collect some non-endangered plan

Top Ten Signs That You Are An Aquarium Fanatic - Viewed 3612 times
10. Your favorite book is "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" by Dr. Seuss. 9. You wonder what your fish are thinking. 8. You are at the beach and you think how happy your fish would be there. 7. You refuse to eat any seafood, or fis

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