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Goldfish, Ponds

Goldfish, Ponds And Other Coldwater Fish

A Garden Pond With Goldfish - Viewed 11729 times
By William Berg Goldfish ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden and a stunning focal point. Goldfish ponds have been admired in Asia for centuries, especially in China and Japan. Today, you will find goldfish ponds all over the world, including Europe and North America. Since the G

Avoiding Unsightly Algae - Viewed 3613 times
By Brett Fogle   Excessive organic matter in the pond provides nutrients for algae, contributing to its growth. Algae can obscure the view of colorful fish, and more dangerously, it robs the water of valuable oxygen and rele

Breeding Goldfish - Goldfish Females Appreciate A Date Done Right! - Viewed 4755 times
By Mark Sturge Breeding goldfish is actually a fair amount more difficult than most people would think. Much like us humans, Goldfish are rather particular about the conditions in which their little fishy babies will thrive.

Choosing Pond Plants - Viewed 3772 times
By Brett Fogle A pond without plants is like cake without icing. Pond plants fight algae, give fish a hiding place against predators, and beautify our own little slice of paradise to plunk down in at the end of a tiring day.

Easy Pond In A Barrel - Viewed 24324 times
By Josh, UK   Barrel Pond © Jeff Cook This really goes out to youngsters starting out

Goldfish - Viewed 11490 times
By William Berg Goldfish are hardy freshwater fish. While most people know about them, they do not necessarily know all about them. This article attempts to tell you a lot more. They originated from the Gibal Carp. Over the past 2000 years, beginning in China, Goldfish were the result of

Goldfish F.A.Q - Viewed 40488 times
By fishgal What are the 2 main groups of goldfish?The easiest way to categorise goldfish is to put them into 2 main groups:  "tank suitable goldfish" and "pond suitable goldfish".  Tank s

Is a Goldfish the Right Pet for You? - Viewed 247 times
Is a Goldfish the Right Pet for You?

Koi F.A.Q - Viewed 9806 times
By FishgalWhat are the different types of koi?Quite often, Koi are classified under Japanese terms:From:

Patio Ponds - Viewed 4017 times
By Ryan RhodeGarden ponds and fountains were once mainly for the very rich. Today, anyone can have a garden pond. A fountain or waterfall can be included almost anyplace--even if your "yard" is limited to a patio or balcony. Adding water to your patio can be as simp

Rosanne's Pond - Viewed 27980 times
Rosanne's 1500 gallon backyard pond.  The ponds fish inventory is: shibunkins, koi, minnows, paradise, and plain goldfish.

The Final Word On Pond Maintenance - Viewed 3650 times
By Brandon VannestBackyard pond and waterfall maintenance doesn't have to be tedious and time consuming if it is built properly in the first place. Follow these simple rules to keep your pond clean and clear. People who entertain the idea of having a waterfall built usually c

The Golden Rules - Goldfish Guide - Viewed 105827 times
By Sara Ream  Though most people at one time have owned a goldfish, very few know the requirements for a serious and thriving goldfish aquarium.The begi

Tips for Backyard Fish Ponds Care - Viewed 4687 times
By Tim Lee Installing a backyard fish pond is an aesthetic addition to your landscaping and offers a bit of tranquility as well. However, taking care of backyard fish ponds is not as easy as one might think. And, you have to do more than sim

Winterizing Your Pond - Viewed 3505 times
By Brett Fogle For many parts of the country, it's getting to be that time of year again. Time to start thinking about getting your fish and plants ready for old man winter... Every year, as the weather gets colder and we start h

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