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Miscellaneous Fish

Miscellaneous Fish Profiles and guides to aquarium fish not categorized elsewhere

African Butterfly Fish - Viewed 4578 times
African Butterfly Fish © racial fish By: racial fish Common Name: African Butterfly FishLatin Name: Pantodon BuchholziOrigin: Western Africa, s

Baby Whale - Viewed 4487 times
By: job132 Common Name: Baby WhaleLatin Name: pollymyrus isadorieOrigin: AfricaTemperature: 77-84F

Dwarf Rainbow - Viewed 5305 times
By: Yvonne Garcia  Dwarf Rainbow © Yvonne Garcia Common Name: Dwarf RainbowLatin Name: Melanotaenia Maccullochi aka Nematocentris maccullochi

Fresh Water Sting Rays - Viewed 6490 times
By KatieRox   Latin Name: Potamotrygon motoro.Origin: South America, Amazon, Orinico, La Plata, and Xin

Galaxy Rasbora - Viewed 24059 times
Galaxy Danio Male © Clint Norwood Latin Name: Celestichthys margaritatusCommon Name: Galaxy Rasbora, Celestial Pearl Danio, Galaxy DanioOrigin: Inle Lake, M

Glassfish a.k.a. Painted Glassfish - Viewed 12536 times
By Clint Norwood An example of a Painted Glassfish © Stacy MalbonPhoto taken in Aqualand in Hopkins, MN. Species/genus: Chanda rang

Keeping Seahorses - Viewed 20715 times
By: Tami Weiss  It wasn't long ago that seahorses were considered "impossible" to keep in captivity. Many believed they were only suitable for those with massive resources such as public aquariums. If the home aquarist were to attempt to keep seahorses, they needed to live near the

Marbled Hatchetfish - Viewed 3712 times
By: cemc   Latin Name: Gasteropelecus strigatusOrigin: South AmericaTemperature: 72 to 86°F - 22 to 30°CEase Of Keeping: easy-mediumAggre

Painted Glassfish: Artificially Altering Aquatic Animals - Viewed 9922 times
By Anthony Maher  The creations of nature have long been kept captive in human care, eminently aquatic life in simulated environments. We lust to behold for ourselves the beauty our Earth's creatures possess, yet have steadily learned to alter what the hands of nature have forged. A

Puffer Fish - Viewed 79602 times
By: Leigh   Green Puffer © Leigh Puffers are one of the most extraordinary types of fish found in the home aquarium. Unfortunately, they're also one of the most misunderstood. It

Red Bellied Piranha - Viewed 34046 times
Piranha © Joshu Lang - Enlarge 

Red Belly Pacu / Black Fin Pacu - Viewed 28246 times
Red Belly Pacu © satanico02 Enlarge 

Rope Fish - Viewed 7026 times
Portraits of CJ's Rope fish © Cheryl 

Scats - Viewed 3547 times
By: racial fish  Common Name: Scat,silver scat,green scatLatin Name: Scatophagus argusOrigin: Coastal areas of south AsiaTemperature: 78-82°F 25-28

Senegal bicher - Dinosaur Eel - Viewed 25840 times
Senegal bircher, 15 inches long, © Lonnie By Andrew Christman AKA Snail Common Name: Senegal bicherLatin Name: Polypterus senegalusOrigin: Africa

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