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Saltwater And Marine

Small section about saltwater tanks and profiles of several species

5 gallon Saltwater Aquarium Comments And Reactions - Viewed 13323 times
Sharon Wrote:This is a 5 1/2 gal. tank with about 6 lbs. of live rock and some aragonite crushed coral on the bottom. I have an airstone under the live rock and a small Hagen sponge filter in one corner. There is also some caulerpa in there. I also have a couple of damsel fish

An Easy Saltwater Aquarium - Viewed 8408 times
         You might think you need a degree in chemistry just to keep a decent saltwater tank. Maybe it's all so compli

Breeding Clownfish - Viewed 5477 times
Breeding ClownfishBy William Berg Thanks to Disney's Motion Picture 'Finding Nemo,' almost everybody is familiar with clownfish. Clownfish, or Anemonefishes, from the family Pomacentridae, are one of the easiest tro

Keeping Seahorses - Viewed 20715 times
By: Tami Weiss  It wasn't long ago that seahorses were considered "impossible" to keep in captivity. Many believed they were only suitable for those with massive resources such as public aquariums. If the home aquarist were to attempt to keep seahorses, they needed to live near the

List of the components of a marine tank and their function - Viewed 3595 times
By PerfectBlue Here is a list I wrote for a few other forums which gives you some items you will need and a little information about each one. Items That You Will Need For A Saltwater Tank I hope this will help anyone that is interested in setting up saltwater

Purple Reef Lobster - Viewed 7378 times
By bobbittle Temperature : 72-78°F (22-26°C)Ease of keeping : EasyAgressivness : Peaceful

Small Saltwater Tanks - Viewed 7046 times
On or around December 10th, 1998 I started two new saltwater tanks.I had just torn down my old 30 gallon marine tank, and so I was able to use the live rock to give these tanks a head start.  The 10 Gallon Saltwater Tank

Small Saltwater Tanks - Part 2 - Viewed 5059 times
It's now Feb. 20th 1999, the tiny saltwater tanks have been going strong for over 2 months.I have had a greater than expected problem with excessive algae in the 5 gallon tank. The 10 has not been a problem at all. All the inhabitant are doing well; I haven't added anything more, yet. 

Yellowtail Damsel - Viewed 5936 times
A Yellow-Tail in a Nano-Reef By: bobbittle Latin Name: Chrysiptera parasemaOrigin : PacificTemperature : 72-78°F (22-26°C)Ease of keep

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