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Killifish Care And Spawning

Keeping Killifish, Spawning Killifish

Coconut Fiber - Viewed 8264 times
A coconut fiber disc, US dollar for size comparison.After wetting this disc will almost fill a quart bowl. Coir, more commonly known as coconut fiber is a great substitute for

Here is a good method for getting killifish eggs with plant spawners and hatching them. - Viewed 3059 times
By: Santaaa Materials:Acrylic YarnSciccorsany bookPair of breedable killifish Step 1: Ok so you probably have tried to get killifish eggs before and then you try to hatch them and it does not work. Well there is an easier method to do it then pickin

Introducing Killifish - Viewed 5344 times
By Clint Norwood Killifish are egg laying toothcarps, as opposed to livebearing toothcarps which includes the Mollies, Platies, Guppies etc. The word Killy is derived from a Dutch word meaning ditch or channel. It does not mean that Killifish are killer fish. Most Killies are around 2 in

Killifish Eggs and Plant shipping method - Viewed 5947 times
By: Thomas Winslow So you want to trade Killifish eggs or small plants? How do you ship them and ensure they get there safely? How do I ship them cheaply? In this article I will discuss my methods for shipping Killifish eggs and Plants. First things first.

Killifish Spawning Methods - Viewed 3714 times
By Clint Norwood There are various methods of spawning Killifish, some of these methods will seem redundant but if you are having problems spawning your fish you can try all these methods until you find one that works for you. Soil Spawning Killies 1. The most popular method i

Killifish Spawning Video - Viewed 5653 times
Killifish Spawning (Fundulopanchax gardneri N'Sukka) - An excellent video of a pair of gardneri killies spawning. Submitted by Becki Stacy.

Making A Spawning Mop - Viewed 7320 times
By Clint Norwood Here is a step by step method of making spawning mops for killifish and other egglaying fish.You'll need a skien of yarn from a craft store or the craft section of a department store. Be sure to get either the acrylic or other man-made type of yarn and not the natu

Plant Spawning Killifish - Viewed 2840 times
By Clint Norwood Plant Spawning Killifish are usually spawned in one of two main methods, the Natural Method and The Mop Method.   The Mop Method

Soil Spawning Killifish - Viewed 2948 times
By Clint Norwood Killifish are different than most other Aquarium fish in that the females lay a few eggs every day, as opposed to a lot of eggs at one time. Therefore you usually allow them to remain in the spawning tank for about 2 weeks before you collect the eggs. 

Spawning Killies The "Natural Way" - Viewed 2602 times
From The Killifish Forum Post by: PPulcher on January 19, 2006, 08:44:19 AM I'm planning on setting up a large planted aquarium.  It will be a 75

Switch Spawning Killifish - Viewed 2462 times
By Clint Norwood Switch Spawning Killifish are simply species of Killifish that can be spawned in either the Plant Spawning or Soil Spawning methods. They are just more adaptable. You can try either method with the particular species you are working with and see which method gives you th

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