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Betta Health

Betta diseases, prevention and cure.

Betta First-Aid Kit - Viewed 9154 times
By Patrick H. (BettAtrick) If you are new to keeping Bettas, it is smart to have certain items and medications at your disposal to help combat frequent Betta diseases. Here is a brief overview of a couple frequently-used items and medications carried by experienced Betta enthusiasts

Columnaris Information and Symptoms - Viewed 8879 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Image © Danelle Columnaris is commonly mistaken for a fungal problem, it is NOT a fungus, it is caused by Flexibacter bacteria. Co

Constipation Information and Symptoms - Viewed 26243 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi) Photo © R. Hunt Constipation, although terribly embarrassing, is a very common Betta ailment. Constipation is normally caused by the Betta be

Dropsy Information and Symptoms - Viewed 12010 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Examples of Dropsy, Image © Danelle 

Fin And Tail Rot - Viewed 12991 times
From The Betta Forum  Posted by: brandi

Fin Rot Information and Symptoms - Viewed 39265 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Finrot © Mushi Fin Rot is arguably the number one issue you will have to deal with if you keep any number of bettas for an

Ick Information and Symptoms - Viewed 35340 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Ick - Image © Danelle Ick is a protozoan parasite, and is extremely contagious. Ick will often appear when fish have been str

Popeye Information and Symptoms - Viewed 12536 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Image © Danelle Image © Lois

Swim Bladder Disease - Viewed 35782 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  Swim Bladder Disorder Information and SymptomsSwim Bladder Disorder is an extremely common betta ailment, and it typically looks worse than it actually is. I know, you're probably sitting there watching your poor betta flop around

Velvet - Viewed 12700 times
By Rachel Hunt (Mushi)  A Betta with Velvet, Image © Lois Velvet Information and SymptomsVelvet is probably the second most common

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