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Aqua Clear Mini - Viewed 4600 times
sophistic_chick wrote:I love this filter! I've had one for over 8 years with no problems. The motor is fine, same with the impeller. I find

Aqua-Clear Filters - Viewed 4976 times
By Nicholas Battafarano  I have always been very pleased with the performance the aqua-clear filters I have used. All through my marine bio class in high school we used nothing but aqua-clears of various sizes (this is on saltwater tanks); our teacher swore by them.  

Aquaclear 70 - Viewed 9577 times
Aquaclear 70   Post by: quagmyre81 on January 07, 2006, 09:22:59 PM Just a little review with my opinion of the Aquaclear 70 filter. I recently bought it because the filter i had, in my opinion was not keeping up with my tank. I bought my tank at petsmart as a

Bio-Spira (Freshwater) - Viewed 8202 times
By Linguist Nut  I purchased a bag of Bio-Spira from Marineland Labs. I have 2 ten gallon tanks. Both had Whisper 10 HOB filters already running, all-glass aquarium heaters set at 79, and the water was treated with Aquasafe and had already set for a few days, and one tank had some '

Bio-Wheel Filter Review - Viewed 9105 times
JKAqua wrote:Um...I love my Bio-Wheel. It is very awesome. It is effective and quiet. The water stays crystal-clear. Of course, I have a goldfish, so I have to change the carbon cartridge often. I'm sure some

Chemipure - Viewed 3594 times
By Clint Norwood Chemipure is a carbon substitute. I have found it to be a very good filter additive that will keep the water fit for fish for up to 6 months before

EHEIM Ecco Filter - Viewed 8961 times
Name: Dwayne Sykes subject: EHEIM Ecco I was very pleased with the EHEIM Ecco canister filter. It cleared up my tank's water in under a day after installing it and

Emperor 400 filter - Viewed 6661 times
By PW This is my reveiw of the Emperor 400 power filter made by Penguin.  Let me just start off by saying "WOW", this filter is awesome. Some of you

Filstar XP3 Canister Filter - Viewed 6933 times
By EmeraldEmpress  I recently purchased this filter for use on my 75 gallon planted tank. After doing lots of research on the internet, this filter seemed to be the best bang for th

Fluval Canister Filter - Viewed 5497 times
Name: fishkeeper When I got my 30 gallon aquarium, I had trouble finding the "perfect" filter for it. Finally, I came across the Fluval 204 canis

Hagen Aquaclear 20 Powerhead - Viewed 4038 times
By E. Hoard   Comments:  I have 2 Hagen Aquaclear 20 powerheads on my 29G undergravel filter. These powerheads are extremely quiet.

Marineland H.O.T. Bio-PRO System - Viewed 3343 times
By: E. Hoard I purchased the Marineland HOT Bio-PRO system and put in on my 29G tank. Some of the filters highlights are a bio-wheel, carbon/media canister, micron filter cartridge and a gravel washer.  The installation was straight forward and took only a couple of

Penguin Bio-Wheel 125 - Viewed 5142 times
This filter is a pretty okay filter.  I didn't have it long, and it quit. It quit within 48 hours of setup so I emailed Marineland and they sent me a ne

PennPlax 700 Review - Viewed 4150 times
By: Newbie Again  I kept a standard 29gal for many years in my early teens(15+ yrs) ago. Ounce I got into cars and girls(as most 16 yr old males do) I gave it up. Well I just started up a custom made 24"x20"x20" aquarium and am on a tight budget. I could find almost n

Prizm Deluxe Protein Skimmer - Viewed 3363 times
By Andrew Christman The Prizm Deluxe protein skimmers are a decent buy. It is very slim line (can fit in small spaces) and is simple to operate.  Although it states that it can be for up to 90 Gallon tanks, I would use it for no more than 45 Gallon tank. It ca

Rena XP3 vs. Eheim 2028 vs. Marineland C-360 - Initial Impressions - Viewed 22530 times
Rena XP3 vs. Eheim 2028 vs. Marineland C-360 - Initial ImpressionsPost by: dalto on February 19, 2007, 09:18:32 PM Recently, I had an opportunity to setup a couple of new tanks and wanted them to look nice

Sponge Filters, An Often Overlooked Form Of Aquarium Filtration - Viewed 3493 times
By Carl Strohmeyer Sponge filtration is an often overlooked type of filtration for freshwater and even marine aquariums. Many persons look past their simplicity as ineffective, but therein lies their quality. I have used them for my aquarium maintenance for 27 plus years with excellent re

Tetratec PF 150 - Viewed 9010 times
By Daniel This filter is a great

The Marineland Emperor 400 Biowheel - Viewed 7447 times
If you are looking for a filter for a 35 60 gallon tank, this is the one for you.  I run this filter on my 46 gallon planted aquarium, and love all the things you can do with it. On a normal filter, you have one slot for a filter cartridge. This one has four slots. It comes with two

Wal-Mart Filters And Cartridges - Viewed 4273 times
By Logan DeBorde  Box of 3 Filter cartridges for the Penguin Mini (Wal-Mart brand)    

Whisper In Tank Filter 1-3i - Viewed 10833 times
By: Daniel Comments: I have had this filter for 2 months now and it is truly the best small tank filter I have ever used. It has a flow rate of 20 g

Whisper Power Filters - Viewed 6732 times
By: Daniel   I must say that my Whisper Power Filter is the best filter I have ever owned. I have had Aqua-Tech power filters before, but my Chinese algae eater kept getting into it. It had pulled a nemo:))(( The T

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