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Medications And Additives

Accu-clear (clears cloudy water fast!) - Viewed 3326 times
mr_sky_531a wrote: I like accu-clear it is a great tool to clear tanks of cloudy water caused by organic material and waste, about 20 drops per ten gallons. I use this when the amount of waste between tank cl

AP Tap Water Conditioner - Viewed 3080 times
By Chrissy Aquarium Pharmaceuticals INC's Tap Water Conditioner doesn't have a fancy name or a fancy label (although I believe AP is redesigning their packaging so that all their products have similar labels, an improvement over the current plain red and orange label) but I've used

Doc Welfishes Aquarium Salt - Viewed 2874 times
By: schfifty  I currently started using Doc Welfishes Aquarium Salt and I just had to tell everyone how great it is I put it in at first to cure one of my Tiger Barbs who was starting to do a 'c' shape so I put a little in probably not even half the recommend amount, the next day my

FloraPride Plant Fertilizer - Viewed 3460 times
By: anonymousine  Comments: About two weeks ago, I bought a 3.38 Fl. Oz. bottle of FloraPride, made by Tetra, from Petsmart for about $2.50. They also had another kind of fertilizer that cost twice as much for half as much fertilizer, so it was a pretty good deal. I

Interpet Range: Medication - Viewed 6245 times
scott2336 wrote: Interpet has an excellent range of medications and treatments for remedying a variety of fish diseases and other problems. There are currently a total of 13 different types of treatments for the aquarium keeper, all designed to make dealing with a fish disease

Keta-Peat Nuggets - Viewed 4766 times
Post by: Edmund on February 14, 2006, 06:22:45 PM Contains 'ketapang' (whatever THAT is). It's essentially a peat-based product that replicates blackwater conditions. I just tried it in my 225 Amazon tank and, while I'm not thrilled with the way it tints the water brown, the effect on the fish

Kordon's Amquel+ (Emergency Ammonia/NitrIte removal) - Viewed 3332 times
Becki wrote:Just wanted to post a note that I've had good results using this product to help lower/detoxify Ammonia and NitrItes when they spike and I don't want to do too many large % water changes for

Leaf Zone - Viewed 3964 times
Post by: Zero on February 05, 2006, 05:31:00 PM Well, I bought some LeafZone (aquarium plant fertilizer) from my pet shop. I had previously been using FloraPride by tetra, and guess what- No comparison. LeafZone is made by Aquarium Pharm. Inc. and I give it an A++. It is very concentrated, so

Mardel Medications - Viewed 4948 times
By Snapple   The Mardel brand of fish medications are amazing. The tablets are easy to cut in case you don't need the whole thing. For example: a 2 gallon betta bowl wo

Stress Coat - Viewed 3300 times
By * Dr. Anabantiod   This is by far one of the best products out there and no aquarist should be with out it.  Stress Coat contains Alo

Wardley Essentials Bullseye 7.0 - Viewed 5170 times
You have heard of PH adjusting products and the horror stories of them. Well fear no more. Bullseye a very cheap product that can be obtained at Wal-Mart is a wonder adjuster. My water has been having trouble with the PH remaining stable which has killed my filter which I just put a corn

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