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ALL GLASS AQUARIUMS MINI-BOW 7 - Viewed 15302 times
LargeFry wrote:I thought I'd throw a review of this up here. This has quickly become one of my favorite tanks. Unlike its smaller counterparts, the mini 5 and 2.5, this one is made of glass. It comes with a stand, hood, and floresent light. The light is a 14w bulb giving 2w's

Aqua Culture Starter 10 Kit - Viewed 55119 times
By Lyazaille   The unopened box © Lyazaille Al

Aquatic Gardens - the most complete mini aquarium (2 gallon hex) - Viewed 7109 times
I give it five

AquaView 1 Gallon Aquarium - Viewed 7310 times
By Logan Broadwater  This tank is currently my betta tank. The included filter, light, and air pump all work great for how small it is. It would also be a good tank for livebearers, small (under 1 inch) goldfish, whiteclouds, etc. And for around $10.00-$11.00 at Walmart, it is a ste

Biorb Life Fish Tank - Viewed 5365 times
By: Jason The Biorb Fish Tank comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes so I'm just going to talk about the newest biorb tanks, the Biorb Life Aquariums. One big complaint about the classic biorb tanks has been solved with the biorb life tanks; they have more surface area which allo

Eclipse 7 Hex - Review - Viewed 5604 times
By: Mel888  Review: Eclipse 7 HexComments: I have had this tank for 8 months and I love it. I guess I can say something bad. The depth of the tank does not allow enough light to the bottom, so for having live plants, it's not the best. Oh and most tools don't reach to bottom,

Top Fin 10 gallon Tropical Aquarium Kit - Viewed 54157 times
By Dalto I recently bought a Top Fin 10 gallon tropical aquarium kit to use as a quarantine tank at Petsmart.  I paid $40 the whole kit in the box.Here's what is in the box along with ma good, bad or neutral rating.  Please note that ratings are in relation to what y

Top Fin 55 Gallon tank kit from Petsmart - Viewed 96079 times
By "Atomic" After being in the market for a 55 Gallon tank for a while, and after checking pretty much every price under the sun for all of the parts I would need, I decided to purchase one of those 55 Gallon kits from petsmart.  During my searching, I fou

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