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Misc Aquarium Products Lights - Viewed 2902 times
Fredjikrang wrote: I bought a 2x13 watt bright kit for my 10 gallon and it is great! The tank is really bright and my plants definatly enjoy the extra light.My only complaint is that the holes for the

Aqua Plants From Petco - Viewed 5397 times
By: Brandon Campbell  Comments: I just purchased some of the aqua plants from petco.   Warning, some plants sold in petshops are not really aquatic plants. Please see Choosing Aquatic Plants for

Bag Buddies - Viewed 4391 times
By Clint Norwood Bag Buddies are a new product by Jungle Laboratories made for adding to fish shipping bags.According to Jungle, Bag Buddies will:

Breather Bags - Viewed 4323 times
Breather or Breathing Bags are a somewhat new product made specially for shipping aquarium fish.   The Advantages Of Using Breather Bags Th

Hydor Mini Heater - Viewed 4532 times
By clevername3   Hydor Mini Heater This heater is great for small tanks. It is small enough to fit in even those tiny Azoo Palm Filters (which I also

Lazer Lighthouse - Viewed 3087 times
chrish wrote: Now this is cool

Mag-Float - Viewed 3021 times
By: EmeraldEmpress  I recently bought a mag-float for use on my 75 and 40 gallon tanks. Being that I'm rather short, I hated having to try to clean algae off the back wall of the tank, since it was really difficult

Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder - Viewed 8153 times
Post by: fishcake on September 06, 2005, 05:09:10 AM I recently used the Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder while I was away from home for a week. I have seen this autofeeder at petco, petland and priced anywhere from $12 to $20. The Nutramatic 2X uses 2 AA batt

Python No-Spill Clean And Fill - Viewed 7300 times
EmeraldEmpress Said: I just got a 50 foot Python water changer in the mail the other day, and I absolutely love it! It has cut my water change time in half! My husband was so excited about it that he had to "examine" the thing for a bit to figure out exactly how it w

Screwcumber - Viewed 4459 times
Screwcumber as reviewed in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine   By Rob    

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