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African Dwarf Frogs - Axolotls - African Clawed Frogs And more!

African Clawed Frogs - FAQ - Viewed 19528 times
By: Phoenixx_Flame, Aquatic Frog Forum Moderator There are many articles out there about ACF's... many are right and some are dreadfully wrong. I have been keeping ACF's for 7 yea

African Dwarf Frogs - FAQ - Viewed 11692 times
By : bgkast, Aquatic Frog Forum Moderator 

Axolotl or Mexican Walking Fish - Viewed 19482 times
By : Mr. Tristan B. Duggan Common Name: Axolotl or Mexican Walking Fish Latin Name: Ambystoma Mexicanum Origin: Lake Xochimilco, Mexico Temperature: 14 - 20 Degrees Celcius pH - 7.4 - 8.2 Ease Of Ke

Bull Frogs And Tadpoles - Viewed 4401 times
By: Logan DeBorde Common Name: Bull Frogs And TadpolesLatin Name: Rana catesbeiana Origin: AmericaTemperature: 65-75°F +, 18-24°CEase Of Keeping

Dwarf African Frog Tadpole Pictures - Viewed 10363 times
Up! Puff...puff... Up! Here's looking at you,,,baby. 

Have You Considered the Axolotl - Viewed 9024 times
By: Mark Haakonsen  Believe it or not, but the Axolotl can make a great pet, and a unique one at that. For those of you still wondering what the heck an Axolotl is, well just keep reading and you might just want one for yourself. The Axolotl is native to Mexico and is essen

Raising ADF Tadpoles - Viewed 6923 times
By : bgkast, Aquatic Frog Forum Moderator   

The African Dwarf Frog - Viewed 7429 times
By Clint Norwood Hymenochirus boettgeri or Hymenochirus curtipes An extreme close-up of our goggle-eyed friend, larger than life size

The Axolotl - Mexican Walking Fish - Viewed 48659 times
By KimmyM Albino Mexican Walking Fish - Axolotl © KimmyM Common name: Mexican Walking Fish or Axolotl Scientific name Ambyst

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