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Aquarium Basics

Questions and answers for new aquarists. Set up and filter guides.

A Basic Tool Kit For Aquarist - Viewed 6146 times
Net - For catching fish that need to be moved. But ideally you shouldn't be moving your fish around any more than absolutely necessary.  Thermometer - Keep a close watch on your tank temperature. Even if you have a heater, don't assume anything, man

Aquarium Basics - Viewed 7541 times
By Frisckey1 There are some basics, everybody should know. Things you will need or should at least consider in starting up a new tank!  Tank/hood/light (the larger you can start with the better!) Filter (adequately or oversized for the

Aquarium Filters - How They Work and the Benefits and Negatives of Each Type - Viewed 52257 times
By Carl Strohmeyer AQUARIUM FILTERS There are several different kinds of aquarium filters, each with advantages and disadvantages. Most work best when used in combination to compliment each other, this redundancy is also important for peace of mind in case one filter fails, anothe

Aquariums For Beginners - Viewed 7927 times
By William BergKeeping tropical fish is a fascinating hobby that has been enjoyed for centuries in different parts of the world. The Romans kept live anemones in saltwater jars, but never succeeded in keeping these beautiful creatures alive for any longer period of time in captivity. The

Breeding Tropical Fish For Beginners - Guppies & Swordtails - Viewed 11594 times
By Michael MagnumBreeding tropical fish can be a lot of fun. Try your luck at breeding livebearers such as guppies or swordtails. Equipment Needed: Breeder Box or Breeder Net Breeding Grass 5 or 10 gallon tank for the baby fish or a tank divider that you can

Can someone explain cycling to me? - Viewed 4361 times
By Essabee Nitrogen compounds are building blocks of life, all living organism need them, use them, and excrete them. Some of these nitrogen compounds are poisonous to specific groups of living species but may be a food article for another group of living species. In the aquarium ammonia

Colour Of The Fish - Viewed 3961 times
By Essabee We, those in this hobby, are fascinated with the shapes, behaviours and not in the least by the colour of the fish we keep or wish to keep. To look after our fishes we spend quite a sum on their food, and many come with the words like "Contains natural pigment enha

Common filter types - Viewed 7681 times
By: SerVo What is the best aquarium filter? Well that is all a matter of opinion. There are many kinds of filters out there that filter your aquarium water in different ways. One kind of filter you may like were as another person wouldn't even use it if it was free. Also all filters

Cycling - Viewed 5616 times
CyclingNew aquaria also do not usually have the required populations of bacteria for the handling of nitrogen waste. In a process called cycling, aquarists cultivate these bacteria as fish and other producers of nitrogen waste are gradually added to the tank over the course of several weeks

Getting Your Tropical Fish Home - Viewed 4428 times
By Rob MellorSo now you’ve purchased some tropical fish. You’ve made sure you have selected healthy fish and you have done your homework to make sure the fish that you have will go together. Your fish should have been packed in a plastic bag with oxygen and then p

How To Keep Your Aquarium Clean - Viewed 8180 times
By Reef SaltwateraquariumNo one likes living in a dirty, stuffy house. Thank goodness a little dirt is not hazardous to our health. The same cannot be said for our aquatic friends. Most fish and invertebrates are unable to adapt to changes in water chemistry that result from increased ba

How To Properly Introduce New Fish Into Your Aquarium - Viewed 6993 times
By Nathan MillerThere are two areas of introducing new fish into an aquarium that you must be aware of: 1. Fish Quarantine Fish quarantine is one big, singular factor that must be observed strictly before you can be sure that your new fish is of good health and no

How to Select the Right Tank and Fish - Viewed 5423 times
By Jeanine Hughes Fish make excellent pets. You don't have to have any special skills for them. You need only have the right fish and equipment, and then give them the right care. As a dry spectator to their watery world, you

Is Your Aquarium Balanced? - Viewed 4053 times
By Nathan MillerThe world as we know it is in balance. Animals breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Plant absorbs carbon dioxide and give off oxygen as part of there process of photosynthesis. Animals eat plants and animals wastes, feed plants. Water evaporated from the seas an

Nitrogen cycle - Viewed 11697 times
Nitrogen cycle The nitrogen cycle in an aquarium.Of primary concern to the aquarist is management of the biological waste produced by an aquarium's inhabitants. Fish, invertebrates, fungi, and some bacteria excrete nitrogen waste in the form of ammonia (which may convert to ammon

Questions and Answers For Beginning Aquarists - Viewed 5107 times
The opinions expressed here are my own, formed by personal experience, and might not always agree with other sources of Aquarium information. But they have worked for me. And remember, there are always some exceptions.    Q: How many fish can I keep in my

Setting Up A New Aquarium - Viewed 4297 times
Take It Slow and Be Successful   By: Jesse B. Hunt  It's an all to common occurrence, a new aquarist gets this brilliant idea to rush out and buy a new aquarium, set it up, and go straight to adding f

Setting Up An Aquarium - Viewed 5496 times
By KimmyM So, you’ve decided to start an aquarium. First of all I’d like to say Hi, and welcome to the hobby, I hope you find many hours of enjoyment out of your fish. When Starting a new aquarium, there are some basics you are going to have to purchase.

The Basic Guide To Starting An Aquarium Part 1 - Viewed 4964 times
The Tank If it's a new tank it shouldn't leak, but check it anyway, but do it at a place where water won't damage anything.  If it's a used tank it should be cleaned out. If you suspect there were some sick fish in this tank

The Basic Guide To Starting An Aquarium Part 2 - Viewed 5680 times
Gravel And Decorations  Usually gravel bought from a petshop will be problem free. But even if it says "no rinsing needed" rinse it anyway. If you use gravel from another source, such as a home and garden center you should test it first. Using a small cup

Tips On Setting Up Your First Fish Tank - Viewed 5570 times
By: Gary Nave  Let's take a splash into the world of fish. Studies show there is a calming effect on watching fish. Having a fish tank relives stress, overall improving ones health. This is why you find many fish tanks in doctors offices. Don't forget the entertainment that fish pro

Tropical Fish And Aquariums - Viewed 3990 times
By Dave KleinThe hobby of aquarium keeping and tropic fish as pets is fairly recent in the Western World, and took a while to catch on. The keeping of fish in small indoor tanks was only seriously considered in the middle of the last century, when both in Britain and the rest of Europe a

What are those bugs/worms in the water? - Viewed 21338 times
By Chuck Roberts This is an updated version of an article posted to Freshwater Aquariums forum  Have a wierd creature in your water? A bug in the tank? Tiny worms crawling on your aquarium glass? Use t

What is "Cycling" and how do I do it? - Viewed 4015 times
By wendyjo THE NITROGEN CYCLE: Basically, the nitrogen cycle is the process in which toxic waste products (ammonia) from your fish are converted into less harmful nitrogen compounds (nitrates).  This is done by establishing a colony of beneficial bacteria in your filter.&

What is Cycling - Viewed 4456 times
By: Logan DeBorde Cycling the tank means that you are establishing a bacteria bed in your biological filter to remove toxins that the fish's metabolism creates. There are right and wrong ways to do this, and there are things you can do to slow this process (which is

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