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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants profiles, co2, tips on growing beautiful plants

Ambulia - Viewed 7554 times
By: SteveK   Asian Ambulia © Darla Scientific Name: Limnophila heterphylla Range: India, Sri Lanka

An Easy Planted Tank - Viewed 8473 times
This is my own method of creating an easy to keep and great looking Planted Tank. To start off I use only easy to keep hardy plants. My favorites are Java F

Anacharis - Viewed 5133 times
By KimmyM  Anacharis © KimmyM Common Name: Anacharis Scientific Name: Elodea or Egeria Densa Temperature: 19 -

Anubias nana - Viewed 4699 times
By Clint Norwood  Scientific Name: Anubias barteri nana Range: West Africa Adult Size: up to 10cm (4in.) 

Aponogeton Plants - Viewed 5617 times
By Clint Norwood  As you can see this fish, Fp. scheeli enjoys hiding under an Aponogeton leaf. Plants always have a calming effect on fish. 

April 2006 Plant-of-the-Month: Limnophilia sessiliflora - Viewed 5549 times
By: Jeff Rebiffe, Spencer Rozell, Andrew Roberts Common Name: Asian ambuliaLatin Name: Limnophilia sessiliflora Original article by Jeff Rebiffe (Water Hound) and Spencer Rozell, The Fishmonger the official newsletter of the VAHC, March 2006 Vol. 6, I

Aquarium Plant Notes - With Guest Author AJB - Viewed 5681 times
Arranging and Grouping Plants There are many concepts for tank design and layout. Here are a couple of ones that I have tested and seen in action.1. Tall plants with lots of big leaves, look best when they are used as a solitary plant with no other plants touching its leaves. D

Aquarium Plants - Viewed 6457 times
By William Berg It is not hard to understand why plants are present in so many aquariums. Lush and healthy plants are stunning to look at and will create a much more natural environment in the aquarium. Most fish species feel safer and less stressed when they have plants to hide among, a

Aquarium Plants And Lighting Mini-Guide - Viewed 5077 times
By Nathan Miller Aquarium plants are as important to aquariums as water is to fish. Aquarium plants add more life to aquarium and make it to look beautiful while completing the aquarium community structure. The most important thing to bear in mind with plants is to form an at

Barclaya longifolia - Viewed 4647 times
By Clint Norwood  Barclaya Longifolia © Mark Hollings Scientific Name: Barclaya longifolia Range: Thailand and Burma Adul

Bolbitis - The Other Java Fern - Viewed 3941 times
By: SteveK   Scientific Name: Bolbitis heudelotii   Range: Eastern coast of Africa  

Choosing Aquatic Plants - Viewed 9013 times
By: Micah (October) There are many different varieties of plants out there for your aquarium. It would be a waste of money to buy one and have it die from a small mistake like lighting, right? That's why I decided to make this, to help you all decide one the right plants.

CO2-Why And How To - Viewed 5932 times
Written And Illustrated By: AJB IntroductionMore often now your starting to see pictures of amazing planted tanks. Many people wonder how to do this and wonder about the methods and such a person us

Corkscrew Vallisneria - Viewed 6186 times
By KimmyM   Corkscrew Vallisneria © KimmyM Common Name: Corkscrew Val Scientific Name: Vallisneria Spiralis 

Cyanobacteria - The Blue-green Algae - Viewed 7962 times
By Essabee This unsightly and potentially hazardous primitive life-form is the bane of many an aquarist. The colour is the least identification for this life-form, the most common is the blue-green colour i.e. the cyan; then it can be red, brown, black, you name it all of them slimy and s

DIY CO2 Fermentation - Viewed 8981 times
By Jubs Here is how I do it. List of things needed:1/2 gallon plastic juice jug, it's important that it is clean use some near boiling water to rinse it out well. I use these because they are more stable than 2L bottles. Airline tubing Check

Duckweed - Viewed 4201 times
By Clint Norwood   Duckweed - life size © Clint Norwood Scientific Name: Lemna minor  Homeland: Almost everywhere Ease

Eden Below The Waves - Planting Your Aquarium - Viewed 3615 times
By Cerianwen Ball  Just as trees, flowers and plants help our environment, add a food source and make our landscapes beautiful so too do aquatic plants provide the same for your aquarium. Just like us fish lik

February 2006 Plant-of-the-Month: Bacopa monnieri - Viewed 5143 times
Original article by Jeff Rebiffe (Water Hound) and Spencer Rozell, The Fishmonger the official newsletter of the VAHC, February 2006 Vol. 6, Issue 2. By: Jeff Rebiffe (Water Hound), Spencer Rozell, Andrew Roberts (PPulcher) 

Figtree Milfoil - Aquatic Plant - Viewed 3256 times
By KimmyM   Figtree Milfoil © KimmyM Common Name: Figtree Milfoil Temperature: 20 - 30°C (68-86°F) 

Fontinalis - Viewed 3446 times
By KimmyM   Fontinalis © KimmyM 

Giant Hygrophilia - Viewed 4168 times
Giant Hygrophilia© Plecosaurus Scientific Name: Hygrophilia corymbosa Range: India Ease Of Keeping: Easy  

Hairgrass - Viewed 5119 times
By KimmyM  Hairgrass © KimmyM Common Name: Hairgrass Scientific Name: Eleocharis acicularis Lighting: Medium -

Java Fern - Viewed 4759 times
By Clint Norwood Scientific Name: Microsorium pteropus Range: Southeast Asia Ease Of Keeping: Very Easy Lighting:

Java Moss - Viewed 4967 times
By Clint Norwood  © Cecilia Scientific Name: Vesicularia dubyana Range: Southeast Asia, Java 

Lilaeopsis - Viewed 3303 times
By KimmyM  Lilaeopsis © KimmyM Common Name: Grass Scientific Name: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis  Temperature: 20 -

Madagascar Lace Plant - Viewed 3834 times
By SteveK Scientific Name: Aponogeton madagascariensis Range: Madagascar Ease of Keeping: average to slightly demanding Lighting: Prefers a shaded spot in a medium

March 2006 Plant-of-the-Month: Glossostigma elatinoides - Viewed 6850 times
Original article by Jeff Rebiffe (Water Hound) and Spencer Rozell, The Fishmonger the official newsletter of the VAHC, March 2006 Vol. 6, Issue 3. By Jeff Rebiffe (Water Hound), Spencer Rozell, Andrew Roberts (PPulcher) Glossostigma elatinoides

Marimo Balls - Moss Balls - Viewed 6448 times
By: SteveK   Moss Ball © mastsnail Scientific Name: Cladophora aegagropila Range: Tropical Japan, Iceland,

Measuring CO2 in the Planted Aquarium - Viewed 18994 times
By: Andrew J. Roberts One of the secrets to lush aquarium plant growth is the use of carbon dioxide CO2 fertilization. Just how much CO2 is enough, and how do we measure it? Reliable CO2 test kits tend to be rather expensiv

Najas - Viewed 7316 times
By Clint Norwood Scientific Name: Najas graminea Range: Africa and Asia Adult Size: up to 30cm (12in) 

Nano Tanks: The best of everything in a tiny space - Viewed 11500 times
By Roy Corrigan (Mavvy)  I used about half a cup, maybe a little more, of Tahitian Moon Sand as substrate, and it's getting regular dosing of Flourish Excel and Flour

Nymphoides aquatica - The Banana Plant - Viewed 6702 times
By Clint Norwood   Scientific Name: Nymphoides aquatica Range: East Coast of the USA Adult Size: 30cm (12in.) Ease Of Ke

Plant Requirments - Viewed 4070 times
By: AJB Aquarium Plant Nutrients To live, plants need many nutrients. Some of these are absorbed by the leaves, others by the roots. Some need more nutrients than others. Some need different water conditions than others. All need the same nutrients. Lighting One of the

Pygmy Chain Sword - Viewed 4926 times
By Clint Norwood   Scientific Name: Echinodorus tenellus  Range: Brazil  Ease Of Keeping: Easy-Medium  Lighting Requi

Rotala macrandra- keep drooling - Viewed 4143 times
By: SteveK  Scientific Name: Rotala macrandra Range: South- Eastern Asia Ease

Salvinia - Viewed 3585 times
By Clint Norwood   Salvinia floating in the aquarium alongside the much smaller Duckweed.© Clint Norwood Scientific Name: Salvinia auriculata

Simple And Effective Solutions For Aquarium Algae - Viewed 3354 times
By Nathan MillerEradication of encrusting algae could be done simply by periodically scraping the sides of the aquarium or scrubbing the rocks. For those with plastic plants and a completely white gravel bed, the situation could be more tasking as it would be necessary to ble

The Amazon Sword - Viewed 3555 times
By Clint Norwood   Photo Credit : Matthius Lettington Scientific Name: Echinodorus bleheri

The Amazon Sword Plant - Viewed 5552 times
Photo Credit : Matthius Lettington By: Micah B. (aka- October) Common Name: Amazon Sword Plant

The Brazilian Sword - Viewed 4278 times
By Clint Norwood  Scientific Name: Echinodorus cordifolius Range: Southern U.S. to Central America Adult Size: Up to 60cm (24 inches)

The Dreaded Algae Problem - Viewed 4738 times
By: Melissa Buchanan (aka Mollielover)  How do I get rid of the algae in my tank is one of the questions that I see most often with aquarium owners. Algae can invade your tank when you least expect it, due to too many nutrients in the water column and improper lighting. 

The Onion Plant - Viewed 7095 times
© Vicki Scocchera Scientific Name: Crinum natans Range: Tropical Asia Ease Of Keeping: Easy Lighting: Medium T

The Peace Lilly - Viewed 3481 times
By Clint Norwood   Peace Lilly with a Betta Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum wallisi Range: Columbia South America Ease Of Keeping

Tiger Lotus - Viewed 5158 times
The Tiger Lotus Click To Enlarge 

Post by: Essabee on October 13, 2008, 09:32:59 PM Part I – The bare essentialsThis is not another high brow discussion of PAR, PUR, Lumen, LUX, Kelvin, but a practical path through the forest of technicality. The cheapest cost effi

Water Sprite - Viewed 5420 times
By Clint Norwood   Water Sprite floating on the surface. © Clint Norwood  Scientific Name: Ceratopteris Species 

Water Weed - Viewed 3431 times
By Clint Norwood   Water Weed With Glowlight Tetras Scientific Name: Egeria densa Adult Size: 60cm (24in.) and more

When Starting a new Planted Tank - Viewed 24242 times
By: Steve Hampton One of the problems facing someone starting their first planted tank is choosing plant species and gauging plant growth speeds. This is especially true for high light high tech planted tanks. For example, will the plants fill in

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