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Barbs,Tetras And Minnows

Profiles and articles about these small schooling aquarium fish

Black Skirt Tetra - Viewed 14570 times
Black Skirt Tetra © Snapple This is an wh

Bloodfin Tetra - Viewed 8615 times
Bloodfin Tetra © NixalbaBloodfin Tetra © N

Blue Tetra - Viewed 5804 times
By fishkeeper  Common Name: Blue TetraLatin Name: Boehlkea FredcochuiOrigin: South American strea

Breeding Tetra Fish Successfully - Viewed 4405 times
By Linda Jenkinson If you are keeping tetras, chances are you are breeding tetras, even if unknowingly. In the wild, tetras normally breed during the rainy season, but in the aquarium, they may breed year round. Female tetras are egg

Cardinal Tetras - Viewed 4974 times
Scientific Name: Paracheirodon axelrodi Adult Size: 4cm (1¾ in.) long Ease Of Keeping: medium Community Fis

Celestial Pearl Danio - Viewed 8569 times
Common Name: Celestial Pearl DanioLatin Name: Celestichthys margaritatusOrigin: South East Asia, BurmaTemperature: 68-78 degrees

Cherry Barb - Viewed 5482 times
By Clint Norwood   Cherry Barbs © Katie, AKA Bungalobetta Species/genus: Barbus titteya O

Columbian Tetra - Viewed 5444 times
Columbian Tetras © fishkeeper By: fishkeeper Common Name: Columbian TetraLatin Name: HyphessobryconOrigin: Rio Acandi

Diamond Tetra - Viewed 7708 times
By: Jane Lane   Diamond Tetra © Jane Lane Common Name: Diamond TetraLatin Name: Moenkhausia pittieriOrigin: VenezuelaTemperat

Emperor Tetra - Viewed 7722 times

Galaxy Rasbora - Viewed 24059 times
Galaxy Danio Male Clint Norwood Latin Name: Celestichthys margaritatusCommon Name: Galaxy Rasbora, Celestial Pearl Danio, Galaxy DanioOrigin: Inle Lake, M

Glofish - Viewed 23559 times
By Thomas Winslow/ Santaaa Origin or Range: Aquariums, Labs, and Pet storesTemperature: 70's FNot Recommend:can live as low as 62 F  and as high as 86 FEase Of Keeping:  Easy Aggressiveness: easy going Lighting: Black Light*NOTE* Do NOT

GlowLight Tetra - Viewed 5321 times
By: Trigun Common Name: GlowLight Tetra Latin Name: Hemigrammus erythrozonus  Glowlight Tetra © Janet Luft O

Golden Tetra - Viewed 4982 times
Golden Tetra © Julian Plante By: Julian Plante Common Name: Golden Tetra Latin Name: Hemigrammus rodwayi Ori

Harlequin Rasbora - Viewed 6057 times
© Stacy MalbonPhoto taken at Aqualand in Hopkins, MN.  Species/genus:   Rasbora heteromorpha Or

Head and Tail Light Tetra - Viewed 6345 times
By: Trigun  Head and Tail Light Tetra © Trigun Common Name: Head and Tail Light TetraLatin Name: Hemigrammus ocellifer/ Hem

Lemon Tetra - Viewed 4924 times
By: Yvonne Garcia  Lemon Tetra © Yvonne Garcia Common Name: Lemon TetraLatin Name: Hyphessobrycon PulchripinnisOrigin: South America (no precise location)

Neon Tetra - Viewed 5751 times
Danelle Murphy Danelle Murphy

Pygmy Rasbora - Viewed 4709 times
Pygmy Rasbora © Clint Norwood - By Clint Norwood Latin Name: Boraras maculatus (formerly Rasbora maculatus)Common Names :

Red-Eye Tetra - Viewed 8296 times
By Jason Lang  © Jason Lang © Jason Lang

Rummy Nose Tetra - Viewed 4944 times
By: Jade in Oz  Latin Name: Hemigrammus rhodostomusOrigin: Lower AmazonTemperature: 73 - 80°F

Scissortails - Viewed 3945 times
A group of Scissortails © Fruity Scientific Name : Rasbora Trilineata Adult Size: 3-4 inches 

Serpae Tetra - Viewed 5500 times
By: Yvonne Garcia  Serpae Tetra © Yvonne Garcia Common Name: Serpae Tetra Latin Name: Hyphessobrycon serpae O

Spawning Danios - Eggs and Fry - Viewed 7558 times
By Sneaky I have successfully spawned near to a dozen batches of pearl danios.They are extremely easy to breed. Here is how I do it:5g tank with heater, sponge filter, bare bottom covered with asingle layer of glass marbles.Large clump of java fern stuck in between

The Neon Tetra - Viewed 5327 times
© Danelle Murphy By: Louis SutcliffeCommon Name : Neon TetraLatin Name : Paracheirodon innesiOrigin : The Amazon (South America)Temperatu

Tiger Barbs - Viewed 4367 times
© Sverre Nilsen Species/genus:  Barbus tetrazona Origin:  Sumatra, Thailand and Cambodia Temp:  68 - 81°F

White Cloud Mountain Minnow - Viewed 6062 times
By Clint Norwood White Cloud Minnows © Luko Species/genus:  Tanichthys albonubes Origin:  White Cloud Mounta

Zebra Danio or Zebra Fish - Viewed 7590 times
By Clint Norwood Male left, female right © Janika Scientific Name: Brachydanio rerio Adult Size: 5cm (2 in) 

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