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Foods And Feeding

Articles about feeding fish, food types including subcategory Live Foods

Flake Foods Discussion - Viewed 4402 times
Frogger wrote:I use TetraMin frequently.It is easily accesible also, very convienient. I use Tetramin, it seems to improve the color of my baby Oscars.  Im excited to try out this, TetraMin Pro. Has anyone bought that? Heres what they say: 

Gel-Tek Foods Review - Viewed 7383 times
By: cheezgrater  A couple months ago, I was browsing through my LFS, and saw that they had started carrying a new food. Gel-Tek. I quickly flagged an employee, point

Jello Fish Food - Viewed 5400 times
By cheezgrater A lot of people here have made snail jello before, but I decided to play around with the recipe.Could it be used for more than just snails? Fish will sometimes nibble at it, but I wanted a good solid food for most any bottom feeder.Result

Omega One Veggie Flakes - Viewed 3947 times
By LostPlanet These are a bit pricey, but available at many chain petstores. I used Tetra Spirulina flakes before but these are quite sup

Sanyu Goldfish and Koi Food - Viewed 3800 times
By Carl Strohmeyer I have used Sanyu Goldfish and Koi Food on my aqaurium service route with excellent results compared to the much higher priced alternati

Sera 'San' Premium Fish Food - Viewed 6895 times
By Reno   Comments: Although this product is very expensive, it is worth buying. Sera is a German-based company specialising in aquaculture products. T

Tetra "Nature's Delica" Brine Shrimp - Viewed 3967 times
BY Micah B. (Zero) Comments: Fish...go...WILD FOR THESE! They also are very good for the fish, they are small 1oz. packets of brine shrimp, not frozen. Fish go insane to eat these. I highly reccomend this product.

Tetra Sun-Dried Gammarus Shrimp - Viewed 3609 times
By fishkeeper I bought this product for my angelfish and they absolutely love it. It also provides good roughage to aid digestion. Break the shrim

Tetra-Min Variety Wafers - Viewed 4152 times
Post by: Gen Gen on August 21, 2005, 05:06:26 PM I was quite pleased to come acrossed this product; it may not be new for the majority part of the U.S. but for nort

Wardley "Small Fry" Liquid Fry Food - Viewed 9666 times
By KimmyM  This liquid fry food is good as it is easy to feed fry with this food, but care should be taken when administering this product as it is easy to a

Wardley Tubifex Worms - Viewed 5797 times
Post by: Fish Woman on October 09, 2005, 10:11:27 PM We are always out on the look out for a variety of fish food. We purchased Wardley Tubifex Worms from two different LFS. And tried it out on 17 of our 19 tanks. All fins down. Not one single fish not even the Pacus (which are our Mikey fish)

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