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Large collection of articles and info about keeping and spawning Bettas. Includes a nice section on Betta diseases, prevention and cure.

10 Tips For A Successful Betta Splendens Reproduction - Viewed 5853 times
 by: Laurentiu Craciunas  Betta splendens is one of the most wanted fish in everyone's aquarium. Breeding Bettas is not hard, though you might face problems at spawning them. They are oviparous fish, the male builds a nest in which the eggs/fry are kept for few days under

6 Ways To Have A Happy Betta - Viewed 54485 times

7 Questions For Betta Keepers - Viewed 11005 times
From The Betta Forum cat's Answers How many Bettas do you have?Two soon to be three -- four if my boss can find the right red & gold and tail type.  How many of you have successful

About Bettas - Viewed 5433 times
Echo's Betta © Echo jackson By: Echo Jackson Common Name: BettasLatin Name: Betta SplendensOrigin: ThailandTemperature: 78-80&de

Aging Bettas - Viewed 4099 times
By: Christie Fournier  In nature, aging Betta splendens would quickly succumb to predators but in the aquarium hobby they often live much longer then their wild counterparts. If we are lucky we will see our fish live out their full lives and eventually cede to natural causes. Before that ti

Betta Basics - Viewed 6233 times
By Kick Bettas need the following: At least a "one-half gallon" bowl or tank. Depending on the size of your "vase" and your betta, it must have adequate water in it. A little more is even better, but they do "not" need 5 gallons of water, a heater (unless yo

Betta Breeding - Viewed 6018 times
By: Guest Author - Kick The following is what I do. I will say here that you must be ready to "care" for the fry. Do you have microfood, know how to make infursoria, and have either brineshrimp eggs to make ready for hatching or microworms to feed the fry when they hatch?

Betta Breeding Walkthrough Part 1 - Viewed 7252 times
By Nes Durand, by Permission  Your Stock: In breeding bettas the point isn't only to make pretty fish but you also need to decide if you want to contribute to the effor

Betta Breeding Walkthrough Part 2 - Viewed 7194 times
By Nes Durand, by Permission Spawning Spawning may take hours or even days after release - so don't be discouraged when you don't see them the first time (though checki

Betta Care For Beginners - Viewed 7014 times
By Leslie - Every betta owner has their own ideas about how to care for their fish, including bowl set-up, water care, and feeding.  These are my suggestions for the new betta owner on how to get started in a simple, basic way:   Betta should b

Betta Fin Varieties - Viewed 7413 times
Common Name : Betta, Siamese Fighting FishLatin Name : Betta splendensOrigin : ThialandTemperature : 70-80°F (21-27°C)Ease Of Keeping : EasyAggressivness : Very agressive towords eachotherLighting : NormalAdult Size : 3"Minimum Tank Size :

Betta Splendens - Viewed 11912 times
By: Flashfire  Male Opaque line "HOLY GRAIL" Betta - Photo courtesy of FAITH at

Betta Splendens - Quick Facts - Viewed 22006 times
Blue Crowntail male © Clint Norwood Species/genus: Betta splendens Origin: South East Asia Preferred Temperatue: 72 - 82°F (22

Betta's In a Vase - Viewed 8992 times
Question: I would like to make a betta in a vase with a peace lily in the top and the roots in the water. I wanted to put table salt in the vase to keep my fish healthy. Will this harm the plant? I will make sure that the betta has air and not close the top up completely. 

Betta's In a Vase Revisted - Viewed 5603 times
By: The Fish Lady - Heather JonesJefferson State Community College Pioneer Newspaper  Bettas in a Vase Need Special Care        In the past six months or so the product "Betta in a Vase" have brought the

Breeding Bettas - Viewed 4687 times
From The Betta Forum By: Lauren Jul 1st, 2002 Disclaimer: Breeding these guys is hard work, and requires lots of time and space. They can have up to 500 babies in one spawn. Are you willing to clean out 500 jars per week i

Fish of The Month September 2005 - The Betta - Viewed 16908 times
This month's Fish Of The Month is The Betta!  A Mustard Gas Plakat Betta The Betta Splenden also referred to, as Siamese fighting fish, are

History Of The Betta - Viewed 3732 times
By: Skye Common Name: BettaLatin Name: Betta SplendenOrigin: ThailandTemperature: 75-80°F, 24-27°CEase Of Keeping: EasyAggressivness: Males aggressive to own species, females get along with other females. (Will live with other species)Adul

Keeping Female Bettas Together, A Photo Essay - Viewed 54471 times
Now, once in a while, we get a question where someone doubts their fish's gender (or sexual preference) because what they think is a female appears to be flaring at the other girls, or the b

Know Your Betta Type - Viewed 6572 times
By By Keli D. Hill (KeliD) If you are new to the betta keeping hobby, first off, welcome to the addiction! Do you often wonder what type of tail or coloring your betta might have? If so, this article is here to help.   First, we have the color patt

Links To Betta Stuff - Viewed 5521 times
From The Betta Forum Posted by: Mushi Homepage of the International Betta Congress (invaluable to anyone who is even slightly serious about bettas):  

Siamese Fighting Fish - Viewed 5181 times
Just Bettas has supplied us with a Betta Spawning Video© Just Bettas By: Just Bettas Common Name:

Spawning Betta Splendens The Siamese Fighting Fish - Viewed 28514 times
     Any healthy mature male Betta will all ways be ready to spawn. The females that are ready to spawn can be spotted easily; look for a small white tube protruding from the bottom of her swollen stomach.

Spawning Bettas - Viewed 7374 times
Spawning Embrace © Gemini By: Betta WonderCommon Name: BettaLatin Name: Betta SplendensOrigin: ThailandTemperature: 76-80 F (24-27C

Splenden Sorority - Viewed 8161 times
By Amber Dougherty Some people seem to think that bettas are like peacocks, and the comparison seems reasonable. When you think of peacocks, you think of bright, beautiful colors, long and gorgeous. Bettas are the same way, right? So it's a great comparison. Except people tend

The Problem With Bettas And Peace Lillies - Viewed 5042 times
By Clint Norwood   This Betta is perfectly happy in his home. Keeping Bettas in this set-up is easy if you follow some basic easy rul

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