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Tips for Backyard Fish Ponds Care

By Tim Lee

Installing a backyard fish pond is an aesthetic addition to your landscaping and offers a bit of tranquility as well. However, taking care of backyard fish ponds is not as easy as one might think. And, you have to do more than simply install the fish pond and then let it go. Backyard fish ponds care is constant and consistent. Although, if you follow these tips you will be able to enjoy your backyard fish pond with as little effort possible in its maintenance.

Tip #1 Use a Plastic Liner

Use a plastic liner to separate your backyard fish pond from the surrounding soil. By doing this you eliminate nutrients from the soil intruding your fish pond and will only have to deal with the elements that are in the pond itself or are created by the fish living in the pond.

Tip #2 No Low-lying Areas

Do not install a backyard fish pond in a low lying area where runoff from your lawn will end up in your fish pond. Maintaining the fish pond is difficult enough without introducing runoff from the lawn. When installed on a high area you will have an easier time maintaining your fish pond.

Tip #3 Water Plants

Another great suggestion is to add several varieties of plants in and around your fish pond. This way the excess nutrients will be absorbed by the plants and will not end up promoting algae growth in your fish pond. This works well because it keeps algae from growing and you having to clean the algae out.

Maintaining a fish pond takes work, and you should expect algae to be a problem, especially if you have fish. Just follow these tips to keep your algae problem to a minimum.

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