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Red Belly Pacu / Black Fin Pacu

Red Belly Pacu © satanico02 Enlarge

Black Fin Pacu © satanico02 Enlarge

With Buddies © satanico02 Enlarge
By: satanico02
Latin Name: Colossoma macropomum
Origin: South America
Temperature: aprox 80°F - 27°C
Ease Of Keeping: Medium
Aggressivness: Well behaved
Lighting: Dim
Adult Size: Aprox 24 inches - 60cm
Minimum Tank Size: for starters no less than 100 gallon and no less than 5 feet
Feeding: Shrimp pellets & flakes
Spawning Method: Not too many people let them reach that point
I got these two guys from my local pet store. Someone donated them because they outgrew their tank.
Well, me being the good hearted Samaritan, I took them in.
I always wanted one, their size is impresive but I always held back with the fear they will eat all my fish, plus all the other inconvenience that comes along with it.
But now I was on the spot that my kindness put me on, so I said the hell with it, I dropped them in and stared at them for hours at a time and they didn't harm any one. So I started looking for more info, one site even had them as a must avoid fish and one article made me lose my fear, they called them the "gentle giant". I trusted it.
My biggest problem was getting them to eat, once I got that solved they became friendly. They are like puppies! They are always playing and sometimes they even get hurt from thier pushing and shoving.
If you have the tank and the time I strongly recommend them, they are awsome!


Name: Greg
Comments: I had a wonderful Pacu, he shared the tank with an Oscar a Red tailed shark and Pleku. They were all introduced together and while they did have their moments were the best of friends. They even did a cross country move with us to no ill effect. The Pacu had gotten to almost 18 inches long and was hands down the best fish I had ever owned; anyway, two weeks ago he managed to bump open the top of the tank and jumped out. We found him the next morning 15 ft. from the tank; I was crushed, but the strangest thing. The Oscar became apathetic, lost color and refused to eat (I even bought some live feeders to no avail). I was afraid I was going to lose the Oscar too but I got a Jack Dempsey and that seemed to placate him.
I would love to get another Pacu at some time, but am not quite ready yet. I would definitely recommed one if you have time to maintain the tank. Just one suggestion, invest in locks for the top, also with the combination of fish I had in the tank make sure you replenish the plants. They will eat them, but the plants offer a hide when shy plus help them vary their diet.

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