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The Common Pleco

© Danelle Murphy
Species/genus: Hypostomus punctatus
Origin: Brazil
Temp: 68-78°F (20-26°C)
pH:   Not Critical
dH:   Medium, Not Critical

© Danelle Murphy
Temperment - very peaceful to all species but its own. Very territorial toward its own species. Has occasionally attacked goldfish out of hunger for their slime coat.
Adult size - Often grows up to a foot, nealy regardless of tank size
Feeding - will clean algae off of all surfaces of aquarium, should be supplemented with algae disks, boiled iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and other greenery.

© Danelle Murphy
Comments- the silent custodian of the aquarium, has very few needs except space when it gets to be full grown. Extremely tolerant of everything but light and cover. Extremely photophobic and must have a dark cave to hide in. Loves to gnaw on driftwood while dozing, so a cave made of driftwood is the best possible arrangement. If you need an algae cleaner for a small tank and do not intend to expand, do NOT buy a plecostomus. They get entirely too large. Look instead into Otocinclus.
© Eric Smith,

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