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The Basic Guide To Starting An Aquarium Part 1

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Most tank kits come with some kind of lights. The incandescent lights are really not fit for aquarium use; they get too hot, use too much electricity for the amount of light they put out and generally don't do much for plants. They are fine for fish only tanks but if there's no plants in the tank then the lights are needed only for viewing the tank and should be turned off at other times to prevent algae from getting started in your tank. Hopefully a set of florescent lights will come with your tank. Florescent lights can be bought that are made specifically for aquarium use. There are lights that will enhance the color and "mood" of the tank, lights that will make plants grow bigger and better and even lights that reproduce sunlight. Fish-only tanks will be bright enough for viewing with only one tube, but for some plants you will need at least 2 tubes. That doen't include the Easy Plants, they will get by fine on one tube.


Quality is the name of the game when it comes to heaters. You want one that is completely submersible and not prone to leaking. A busted heater can be a shocking experience, in more ways than one. Cheap heaters are also more apt to stick, that is the contacts get stuck and the heater just keeps on heating, finally cooking the fish. In many cases heaters are not required; if you keep your home at a reasonable temperature of between 70 and 85 F, then most fish can adapt quite well.

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