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Epiplatys Annulatus - The Clown Killy

© Alex Johnson
The Epiplatys Annulatus, or Clown Killi, is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It has been adopted as a mascot by many organizations, notably the G.C.K.A. the Greater Cincinnati Killifish Association. Epiplatys Annulatus was one of the first killies ever discovered, and one of the first to be bred in captivity. In the wild it spawns among the floating plants in the river, depositing one or two eggs at a time, and then moving on to another site. Like other killies Epiplatys Annulatus can lay up to 20 eggs a day. These fish are voracious fry eaters and will eat fry including their own. Some also eat their own eggs. Removal of the eggs and fry ASAP is a must. Another ploy, which yields very healthy fry but not as large a number, is the permanent set up. You pack the tank with as many mops and java moss as possible and then let nature take its course.

These are pix of young Epiplatys Annulatus
Family: Cyprinodontidae

Common Names:
Clown Killi, Banded Killi

Africa, Guinea

Two inches

Peaceful between themselves but males can be aggressive at times, best kept in a species tank

Breeding: Not too hard, just keep them well supplied with good foods, some nice mops, and java moss galore

One to two years, but well worth it because of their beautiful colors

Pictures and Text © Alex Johnson

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