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From The Betta Forum
Posted by: Mushi
Homepage of the International Betta Congress (invaluable to anyone who is even slightly serious about bettas):
***General Betta information(almost anything you could ever want to know on these sites - you can buy bettas from most of them, too):
****betta-specific forums/message boards/email groups:
Advanced Bettas - a fairly active MSN group which can be viewed as a message board or an email list.  lots of breeders here - and a lot of canadians  very, very informative group, especially for those interested in betta breeding and genetics -
Betta Mania - A Yahoo groups email list, small number of members but very active.  not as "professional" as some of the betta groups but informative and friendly, great for betta "newbies." -
Betta Splendens - a HUGE yahoo groups email list - lots and lots of useful information.  lots of respected breeders on this list -
Betta Breeder Forum - a delphi forum for anything and everything having to do with bettas.  also has a specific board for finding breeders in your area -
The Bubblenest - Forums for nearly everything having to do with bettas -
Betta Benevolence - a less active but informative MSN group.  Also has a specific forum for veil tail lovers -
The Betta Obsession - a less active but still informative MSN group -
Betta Starz Forum - message board but also has a neat thing called the "spawning school"  people spawn their fish in "groups" and record/talk about how it's going.  great for first time spawners -
****betta breeding information:
****raising betta fry:
****betta diseases:
****betta supplies: (excellent betta food (.5 lb, 1 lb and 5 lb sizes) at extremely competitive prices.  also has mini-pellets and crumbles for smaller bettas.) (specially formulated betta fry food - i haven't tried this yet but have heard great things about it) (beanie cases - the top-loading style is perfect for betta fry tanks)
****betta misc: - weird betta experiments, a must read for those with incurable curiosity, very very interesting (and weird)

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