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Betta Splendens

By: Flashfire

Male Opaque line "HOLY GRAIL" Betta -
Photo courtesy of FAITH at
Origin : Thailand
Temperature : 64-82°F Prefers The upper seventies
Ease Of Keeping : Easy to medium.
Agressivness : Agressive with own kind, outherwise passive although may confuse fancy guppies tails and Gouramies with its own kind.
Prefered Lighting : Low to medium
Size : 2 1/2 inches
Tank Size : 1 gal, never a cup.
Food : Some betta pellets are taken and worms are most enjoyed, mine love adult fruit flies.
Spawn : Put the male in a tank and a fertile female next to it. After the male has built about 3 square inches of bubblenest, release female, he will chase her for a few days but remove her after spawning or if they dont embrace after a week if they didn't spawn.
Comments: Nice fish, males are grumpy with each other. If you are told to add table salt to your bettas water dont do it. Use rock or aquarium salt, table salt kills bettas and all other fish as a matter of fact. Don't "buy betta in a vase" displays, the betta will NOT eat the roots and will starve.If you have such a display try my different recomended foods untill you find one he realy likes.

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