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Betta's In a Vase

Question: I would like to make a betta in a vase with a peace lily in the top and the roots in the water. I wanted to put table salt in the vase to keep my fish healthy. Will this harm the plant? I will make sure that the betta has air and not close the top up completely.

© Clint Norwood - A Betta in a vase, in our "Jungle Room"
Answer 1: I have 3 seperate vases, all with fake plants in them now. What you need to do, is run a search on Betta in a Vase, and there are tons of sites regarding this set up. I left my peace lily in the original gift, for about a month, my fish got sick, and I had to treat it for fin rot. I also got advice to put aquarium salt in the water. The plant did not like this. So, now I have the plant in a jar of water, all by itself, and it is recovering from the salt. Dont know what kind of directions you have about the vase set-up, but you need to feed your fish at least once a day. I feed mine Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets. 2-3 per day. You need to change the water often, depending on the size of your vase, it may mean a couple times a week. Mine hold almost 2 gallons, I change it once a week, smaller vase, needs more changes. A great site that I found VERY informative on bettas, and their behavior, and health, and whatever you can think of, is If you decide to use the peace lily in your fish vase, you need to trim it often, as some of the roots will start to rot. Rotten roots will make the fish sick. You also need to trim the roots back if they grow too thick, as the betta DOES breath regular air, and needs to be able to come to the surface of the water. Do not allow the plant to take up all the fish's swimming room. When I had my lily in the vase, my fish did seem to enjoy swimming through the dangling roots, but once I started using the salt, and when I had to treat the fish with medicine, the plant started to freak out, so I took it out. Good luck!! P.S. Make sure you have ABSOLUTELEY all the soil washed off the plant, and also, if you are going to use table salt, use the NON-iodized kind. Aquarium salt is only like a dollar at Walmart for a 16oz container, not very expensive. But your plant will DEFINITELY not like it. :)
Answer 2: Salt would be bad for the plant. Be sure to keep the roots trimmed and feed the betta daily. Don't forget the water changes.
Answer 3: I agree with the above except that 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon will definately help the Betta and that small amount of salt won't hurt the plant. Also the quantity of Iodine in table salt is so small it will have no effect on the fish or plant. 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon of water is used as preventative medicine, if your fish really gets sick you can move it temporarily to treat it's sickness with a larger dose of salt or a fish store cure-all. Also, Peace Lillies are a bog plant, that is they spend a lot of their life in the wild in standing water, but there are a lot of times when the soil is not wet, the plants have adapted to this and will require a drying out time about every 3 to 6 months. This is accomplished by potting the plant in soil and let it have it's resting phase for a few months with the normal care you usually use with houseplants.

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