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Coconut Caves: DIY How To

Close Up of the Coconut Cave © schfiftyfive12345
By schfiftyfive12345
I have been told that coconut caves are the greatest, and I was in desperate need for some cheap caves for my kribs. So I went to the grocery store, and bought 1 coconut for 1.50$.
With this coconut I was able to make 2 caves out of it.
First I poked a hole in the top using a hammer and nail then drained out the coconut milk (into the sink or a glass if you want to drink it) then I cut it in half. My store sells the coconuts scored (cut almost in half) so I got a hammer and carfully tapped/hit the coconut until the score cracked then I pulled it apart, hammering as needed.
Once I got the coconut in 2 pieces I then took out the meat. You can do this with a spoon and keep it if you want to eat it. I then used a hammer and a wrench to "bash" out a cave entrance. It was very challenging not to make the cave entrance way huge. So I did it very slowly.
  Once I did this I boiled the coconuts for 15 minutes then changed the water, because it was brown. Then I boiled it for 30 minutes and changed the water. Then another 30 minutes changed the water then I boiled it for an hour then changed the water. Then I put them in the tank. I boiled them so much because they can leach tannin into your water and turn your water brown. This tannin may not come out for a while so dont be scared if your water turns brown a little bit after you put the cave in (my water did not turn brown because of the time I boiled it.)
I'm very impressed at how natural they look. It is okay to leave all the little "hairs" on the coconut on or off in your tank. I took the hairs of one and left them on another. I like the caves better with the hairs, it looks so natural. Also if you have snails, plecos, cories. they love to suck on the inside shell of the coconut.


Coconut Caves in the Aquarium © schfiftyfive12345

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