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DIY Rainmaker

By Becki

The Rainmaker in action.   © Becki

The adapter and set-up   © Becki
I cobbled up a homemade 'rain' machine for my breeding tank. I didn't want to lug around a watering can to simulate rain, so I headed off to Home Despot and a LPS to see what they had to offer. Originally I was thinking of a home-made rain bar system to cover most of the tank, but I didn't look forward to all that cutting, drilling, glueing.... wandering around the store, I found a quick-n-dirty alternative....
Here's what I bought:
2' length of ½" diameter aquarium hose (fits output of powerhead) $1.00
½" hose to ¾" male threaded adapter $.40
plastic ring lawn sprinkler $3.00
pack of heavy duty suction cups (from dollar store) $1.00
Nylon string- had some at home.
Setup is pretty self-explanatory. Hook up 1 end of hose to the output of the powerhead, attach the adapter at the other end, and screw on the lawn sprinkler. I attached 3 suction cups to the outside of the aquarium, and strung up the sprinkler (upside down) to hang above the water (20 tall, about 1/2 full for my cories).
Now, I just need a big storm to come thru to get 'em in the mood....

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