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Tips And Tricks Part 2

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Quieten That Noisy Air Pump

There's 2 ways to make air pumps quieter.
1. Place the pump on a pad of foam rubber.
2. Put the whole air pump into the sock portion of a piece of pantyhose and susupend it from a nail or screw in the back of the aquarium stand.

Really Cheap Plastic Plants

Though I prefer live plants; I once saw a tank "planted" with pieces of green trash bags cut to resemble plants.
It might sound goofy, but the result was immpressive. The plastic naturally floats so you have to glue or attach the plastic to a rock or some other heavy object. But the wieghtlessness of the "plant" makes it move with the flow of the water and gives a nice upright stance and surprisingly lifelike appearance.
Try it, you've nothing to lose but a trash bag.

Plastic Plant Anchors

Soft drink bottle caps, rocks or pebbles, silicone. Super easy.
Submitted by Rich

Baby Fish Saver

I have a tip for tanks with baby fish or very small fish/inverts.
Put a piece of nylon sock over the intake tube and keep it held in place by a rubberband.
This keeps these kinds of fish from getting stuck in your filter. Also helps if you have a tank with sand in the bottom while using a power filter with a magnet impeller assembly. And it keeps the sand from getting intoyour filter. It also serves as a good prefilter. It keeps plants and other residue out of your filter.
You also don't have to change the mechanical media as often.
Submitted by Daniel

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