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Keeping And Spawning The Kribensis

Male Kribensis
Kribensis male - © Alex Johnson
    The Kribensis (scientific name; Pelvicachromis pulcher) is an easy to keep and spawn cichlid from the rivers of Africa. It is not a Rift Valley cichlid so it doesn't need hard alkaline water , in fact almost any normal aquarium water will suffice for this excellent beginners cichlid.
        A pair of kribs will do fine in a ten gallon tank. Feeding can consist of any of the usual fish foods such as flakes, freeze dried and frozen fares. Although as always live foods are a definite plus.

Kribensis female
Kribensis female - © Alex Johnson
        You should supply the pair with a spawning cave of some sort. This can be made of a cleaned coconut shell, a turned over flower pot or simply a stack of rocks. If you are feeding the pair well and keeping the water clean, you should have a batch of eggs quite soon. The female krib is a wonderful mother and will take care of her fry without any help. It is a joy to watch her lead the fry around the tank, somewhat reminiscence of a mother duck and ducklings. Unlike a lot of the egg laying species, krib fry do not have to be fed any special foods. The female, and sometimes the male also, will chew some flake food and spit it out for the fry to eat.
        To summarize; all you need to keep and spawn kribs is clean water, a pair of Kribensis and a spawning cave. Try a pair of kribs you won't be disappointed.

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