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LargeFry wrote:
I thought I'd throw a review of this up here. This has quickly become one of my favorite tanks. Unlike its smaller counterparts, the mini 5 and 2.5, this one is made of glass. It comes with a stand, hood, and floresent light. The light is a 14w bulb giving 2w's per gallon which is good enough for some live plants. The base will also hide an air pump underneth. So far my only complaint is a few weeks after purchasing this they same store had a new one (same tank, just new stock) that also came with a whisper filter at no extra cost. That woulda saved me a few extra dollars, but oh well.
Overall I get the most compliments on this tank, and the bow front is an attractive feature. Here's a link to their site:

Fry Wrote:
That is a very nice looking tank.
Do you have a background on that tank, or is the back just like that? It looks great either way.
LargeFry wrote:
Do you have a background on that tank
I forgot to get one so I cheated and used some blue construction paper!
Fry wrote:
Oh, that's intersting. It looks great.
Fredjikrang wrote:
How much did it cost ya?
LargeFry wrote:
How much did it cost ya?
I wanna say I got it on sale for $59.99 but they're usually $69.99, that includes the tank, base, hood, light, and if you get the newer packaged one a filter.
JTF wrote:
Very nice laid out tank, I am a newbie so here goes. How long did it take to cycle this tank; did you cycle with or without fish; what are the plant types, & how do you maintain the tank. Thanks.
LargeFry wrote:
How long did it take to cycle this tank; did you cycle with or without fish; what are the plant types, & how do you maintain the tank.
I cheated a little on the cycle. I started it out with some stresszyme, and some media from another tank. I let that run for a few days and then I let the girls in, so I guess I cycled with fish. Currently, as pictured, there are three java ferns, 2 sprigs (6 per sprig) of green cabomba, and a potted plant called telanthera (alternanthera reineckii). So far I've just added some water but will be doing my first water change soon.

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