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Aqua Plants From Petco

By: Brandon Campbell
Comments: I just purchased some of the aqua plants from petco.
Warning, some plants sold in petshops are not really aquatic plants. Please see Choosing Aquatic Plants for more info
They are real aquatic plants that come in packages. They have a non toxic fish safe gel for moisture and food source in a little cup. They vary in price from $3.99 to $10.00 and have many different kinds. The most commmon one I saw was different forms of Sword plants.
Probably one of the best things about them is they are snail free. Which is no biggie if you are experienced in dipping the plants to get rid of snails. But for the begginer they are great plants.
I just put them in my 5 gallon Eclipse tank that already had some of the plant bulbs growing. It added some lush and grass like plants to the mix. I bought them because I was curious and being only $1-$2.00 more than the regular live plants at the LFS I didn't mind. They are more green and healthier then most of the tank grown plants at the LFS.
Great idea and easy to plant as the roots dont get messed up with like potted plants and they dont float all over the place like bunch plants.
Check them out!
Name: Maya
Comments: In reply to Brandon:
It seems like all the chain stores are switching to these packaged plants now. They are completely snail-free, which is fantastic; they are not, for the most part, true aquatic plants...about 80% of the varieties I've seen stocked in stores are emergents. In fact most places had only java fern and maybe 1-2 other aquatic species. For real variety and colour it's better to support the LFS or order direcly from aquatic gardeners who know what they're doing.

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