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FloraPride Plant Fertilizer

By: anonymousine
About two weeks ago, I bought a 3.38 Fl. Oz. bottle of FloraPride, made by Tetra, from Petsmart for about $2.50. They also had another kind of fertilizer that cost twice as much for half as much fertilizer, so it was a pretty good deal. It has an easy-to-use opening that lets a little fertilizer come out at a time, and markings for ml. on the size of the bottle so you know how much to use. On the back of the bottle, the instructions are clear as day; they tell exactly what you should do.
It is phosphate and nitrAte free, and is rich in iron and potassium. Plus, you only have to add it once a month.
I was a little doubtful at first about how well it wuld work, as I have never used anything like it before, but I was quite satisfied with the results. Just like it said on the bottle, it had VERY fast leaf absorption. Within a few days, my dwarf sword plant was turning green in the places where it was yellow, and the brown, dead spots even seemed smaller. Within a week, it had fully grown a new leaf and sprouted another. I am very satisfied with this product and suggest it for anyone with freshwater aquariums that is not quite great with plants. I dont even have flourescent lights, and my plants are growing GREAT! Even a plant that was almost totally dead came back, beautiful as ever. It even had about ten new shoots coming from it within a week. I love this stuff.

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