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Plecosaurus wrote:
Some Petfish members have posted links to fish games and other sites dedicated to the lighter side of fish keeping. Here's a little summary of the ones that have been mentioned:
1. BATTLE FISHIES Type in your name in order to create a fish. Then create another fish using a different name, and let the battle begin. Each fish is rated on agility, strength, and stamina. You also receive information regarding the "origin" of each fish. Very clever, with cute cartoon fish art.
2. INSANIQUARIUM Keep aliens from destroying your fish by feeding and caring for your fishies, and by purchasing special allies. This game can become addictive, but I got bored with it after awhile. There are several "levels" which increase in difficulty. I never made it to the end.
3. THE BETTATALK VIRTUAL BETTA Take care of "Finley" the Betta, by feeding him, healing him, and pairing him up. There are a few other options, but I would spoil the fun if I listed them here. *hehe*
4. ADOPT-A-FISH Okay, so there's not much you can *do* with your new fish pet, but you can also check out the virtual dogs and cats up for adoption. The cat features are hilarious...If you own one, you'll see what I mean.
5. THE ADVENTURES OF ARTY THE SNAIL I saved the best for last. There are no games to play, but you will not be able to keep from smiling when you meet Arty the Apple Snail. This is simply the most charming little site I've ever seen. You can learn about Arty's friends and ancestors, and read a sweet little story called, "A Dinner Tale," which is my favorite page on the site.
Anybody got any more? I'm always looking for another excuse to NOT get any work done.

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