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Kordon's Amquel+ (Emergency Ammonia/NitrIte removal)

Becki wrote:

Just wanted to post a note that I've had good results using this product to help lower/detoxify Ammonia and NitrItes when they spike and I don't want to do too many large % water changes for fear of throwing the tank into a new cycle. I've also used it to help keep Ammonia and NitrItes at lower levels during a cycle, so I don't stress the cycle fish too much. It claims it does not affect the biological cycle, I can't prove that 1 way or the other besides I've never had anyone die off or any bacterial blooms (after initial one on new tanks) while using this product.
It supposedly helps remove/detoxify NiteAtes also, but on an occassion where I only had a nitrAte problem, it didn't seem to show any results according to my tests.
SteveK wrote:
I wonder if they mean it doesn't directly harm the bacteria. I would think that cutting off it's food supply counts as harming. It would be like killing off all the insects but saying that you haven't harmed any birds.
I would use as a last resort. It is good to have around for emergancies. Like you said, sometimes large scale water changes are not an option. But I would use it quickly and discontinue as soon as possible.
Blessed Silence wrote
From what I have understood about this product is that it just locks it up so it is not dangerous to the fish, yet if you test the water it is still there. I may be wrong, or I am thinking of a different product.

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