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An Easy Saltwater Aquarium

It's so easy          You might think you need a degree in chemistry just to keep a decent saltwater tank. Maybe it's all so complicated you don't know if it's even worth the trouble. But I have a tank that has been easy to keep and trouble free.
Clownin        It's a 36 inch long, 30 gallon tank with one 36 inch light that came with it and a fixture that was made for a 10 gallon tank for a little extra brightness. I added about 20 pounds of live rock and 10 pounds of live sand. It has three 3-stripe damsels, one domino damsel, one yellow tail damsel and a clownfish with an anemone. There is also a lot of little tiny anemones and other creatures that came with the live rock.
        The filtering system consists of biowheel filter made for a 20 gallon tank and a bag of chemipure. That's it! Nothing else is needed!
        The reason this tank is so easy to keep is because it has a low stocking level, only six fish in 30 gallons. That's 5 gallons per fish. And the live rock helps a whole lot, plus I only have hardy fish .
        I spent a lot of time worrying about the nitrates and stuff at first, but after the first couple of months with no bad readings, I got tired of that and haven't been checking as often, although I would if the fish were acting unusual in any way. This tank has been doing well for about 2 years without any casualties.
        I added the three 3-stripe damsels first, and added the other fish one at a time over a period of about 3 months total. I've had absolutely no problems with this tank and I would recommend this sort of "live rock / fish only" tank to anyone.
Don't forget to do regular water changes!


I have recently developed a love of tiny tanks. I have greatly reduced the number and sizes of my tanks. One of the tanks to go was this 30 gallon salt tank. I have replaced it with a 10 gallon and a 5 gallon marine tank. I hope to have some info about them posted soon. But the 30 gallon was a fun and easy tank, it never had any casualties. I traded in the 3 stripe damsels and the Domino, but I kept the clownfish for the 10 and the yellow tail damsel for the 5. I now have an update about the Tiny Saltwater Tanks (See below).
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