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By: John Cuthbertson
A couple of weeks ago I made my first aquatic mail-order/online purchase from and I must say I was *very* impressed.
I will certainly order from them again (in fact my shopping cart already has some more stuff in it).
The order consisted of a Fluval 204, several artificial plants, Ebo Jager 150w heater, TetraTec Deep Water air pump, tubing, airstones, thermometer, nets, food, gravel vac, and a test kit. Cost for that lot was around $150, which was very reasonable as a Fluval 204 is around $90 locally.
Their website indicated that everything was in stock and it must have been as I made the order on a Sunday evening and it shipped the following day (Monday) and arrived the following Friday. Basically it took 4 days (ground) to get from OH to CA (which is exactly what the website indicated).
Everything in the order was factory fresh and intact. The box was extremely well packed. Shipping was $10.99 (again very plainly stated on their website).
So a big thumbs up to the aquatic supply department at Pet Solutions. I whole-heartedly recommend them.
Added By: Robert Zinnamon
I have purchased from Petsolutions already 5 or 6 times and any time I had to speak with someone they were always very polite and helpful and any difficulties are taken care of immediately to your complete satisfaction. I am a devoted customer and I highly recommend Petsolutions.

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