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Sera 'San' Premium Fish Food

By Reno
Comments: Although this product is very expensive, it is worth buying. Sera is a German-based company specialising in aquaculture products. They have a very promising research and testing laboratory around the world, which makes this brand a highly promising one. A higher quality food product means that you have to feed less amounts to your fish to get the same result you will aquire with larger amounts of lower quality food, also, there is less waste coming out of the fish, lowering cleaning chores.
This particular product is very good as staple, daily food for your tropical fish. I have been feeding this stuff to my fish for about a month now, and the results have been better than when I had fed my fish a Wardley flake food - the colours of my Gold Gouramis have been brighter and my Jewel Cichlids have displayed a bright red colour, as to before, when it had a very pale, unattractive colour, also, they are more accepted than other products. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting the very best colour out of their fish. As to with the feeding of all other staple food for fish, an occasional feeding of a variety of live, freeze-dried and frozen food is also fed in conjunction with this Sera 'san' flake food.
Well, there's always a downside to all products.. In this case, it is only the high price, but I think it is worth the price. In conclusion, it is a very, very good product with research to affirm its quality, though it is a tad bit expensive.

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