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Discovering Sniglets

By: Jan Goltz (Plecosaurus)
No, they’re not a newly discovered Amazonian fish! Sniglets are made up little words that help to describe the formerly indescribable. Although you could create interesting examples, such as “flizget” or “warcicle” – which could mean anything, true snigletists prefer to come up with words that really mean what they say. Read on for clarification… One of the joys of fishkeeping is getting to know the specimens that inhabit our tanks. Ever watch your catfish scraping along the glass upside down? He’s able to do this because of a special ability I call plecadhesion. Very handy to be able to lead with your mouth, don’t you think? And how about those wonderful, wiggly Coryadorables so many of us have? No tank is complete without them? If you use a bubble wand, you may be amused at watching your smallest fish ride up on the aerovator. Wheeee! Fast moving fish, such as Danios, don’t need to hitch a ride, as they are equipped with zoomilocation, a natural talent for speed and dexterity.
Tank maintenance is an essential part of the hobby. Testing your water on a regular basis is highly recommended. One must be very careful not to allow water parameters to fluctuate too much. If you experience a sudden pHlop in pH, you should immediately investigate its cause. When water changing is complete, do not be concerned if your power filter emits sputterage upon restarting. It is usually a bit of trapped air causing the ruckus and will quickly correct itself. Finally, if your fingertips develop prunicles after cleaning the tank, you may have been in there too long! Although all this work can be tedious for some, many aquarists find it to be lots of pHun. (Go pHigure!)
Feeding a variety of quality foods will help your fish to thrive. Be careful not to overfeed though, or your tank may quickly turn into a snailopolous. Overfeeding can also foul the water, and may cause your fish to become ichsick. If you have live plants in your aquarium, be aware that many fish are avid salad eaters. You may one day discover the horrifying aftermath of anacharicide in your tank. Not a pretty sight!
Those of you who breed fish experience another level of pleasure. You are probably already familiar with Mollypops and Chiclikids. If you’re really lucky, you may have some Gourmommies as well. What a treat! Of course, some fish never seem to STOP spawning, such as the ever popular Platymatics. Some folks concentrate their breeding efforts on a single type of fish. It is sad when this practice becomes an obsession, which can cause such maladies as Bettadosis or Angelitis.
Okay, I really must stop now, before I get out of hand! I’m sure you get the idea. So, the next time you’re “on hold” or waiting in rush hour traffic, give Sniglets a try. They’re fun and easy to create, especially if you’re a true aquaholic.

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