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Dwarf Gourami - Colisa lalia

By AiWen

Dwarf Gourami - Male
Male Dwarf Gourami AiWen

Dwarf Gourami - Female
Female Dwarf Gourami AiWen

Common name: Dwarf Gourami

Latin or Scientific Name:
Colisa lalia

Origin or Range: Asia

Temperature: 72F 82F

Ease Of Keeping: Not For Beginners

Aggressiveness: Semi-Aggressive

Adult Size: 2 inches in Females and 2.5 inches in Males

Life Span: A few months usually for a specimen purchased at the LFS. 4-5 years for homebred healthy specimens.

Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallon for 1st Dwarf Gourami & add 5 Gallons for each addition Dwarf Gourami

Feeding: Omnivores, will eat anything: Flakes, Pellets, Live Blackworms, Frozen Bloodworms, Freeze Dried Bloodworms, Aquatic Snails

Breeding: Bubblenesters - no different from breeding Betta splendens. Im on the verge of spawning my own pair. Will create a detailed spawning article once I have succeeded.

Sexing: Males are more vibrant, brighter, and darker in color. (Top Picture)

Females are lighter, usually dull, but can be as vibrant like mine Grin , and more silver or golden in color. (Bottom Picture)

Extra Comments: In my 2 years of this hobby, I was finally able to find a nice male Dwarf Gourami specimen. I have great success keeping him in a tank with female bettas, contrary to what others believe. I do, however, agree about not keep different species of Gouramis in the same tank.

My male is very territorial and will chase off any interlopers including my fierce Convict female. There are however no serious damage as either one usually retreats.

I suggest adding PLENTY of floating plants like hornwort or anacharis in the tank. My male LOVES to blow big bubblenests using the plants as support, especially after I brought home and introduced a new female Dwarf Gourami. He's a very happy camper! Grin

In a quick reminder, you MUST QT your Dwarf Gouramis. They will very easily succumb to illness caused diseases and are usually already sick while in the stores. Most beginners are very idiotic and will buy a whole lot of fish and stuff them into a small cramped tank. With fish as sensitive as Dwarf Gouramis, early deaths are very common.

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