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Koi F.A.Q

By Fishgal

What are the different types of koi?
Quite often, Koi are classified under Japanese terms:


Koi types with images;jsessionid=1jsnjss082x5e?method=4&dsname=Wikipedia+Images&dekey=Mango+koi.jpg&sbid=lc05b&linktext=

Whats the minimum pond size for koi
The minimum pond size for koi is at least 3000 gallons.

How many gallons per each koi?
The general guideline is 1000 gallons for the first koi, and 400 gallons for each koi there after!

Why so much space for koi?
Koi get extremely large at around 3-4 feet! Shocked  They love to swim around constantly and are very messy fish.

How big do koi get?
Approx 3-4 feet in length and approximately 1ft in diameter

what is the koi's lifespan?
The average lifespan is around 25-35 years.  There have been reports of koi living for over 200 years in Japan Smiley

Why is it unsuitable to put koi in tanks?
Koi get huge...much larger than any aquarium fish!  They are also very messy fish!

What's the best set-up for a koi pond?
A very large deep pond with lots of floating and planted vegetation and rocks and caves for spawning.

Do koi need a pond heater?
No.  Koi are strictly coldwater fish and do not require a heater.

What other fish can I put with my koi?
Generally, larger goldfish can be housed with koi...anything smaller will become "koi snax"

I've got koi in a tank!!  What do I do?
Keeping a koi in the tank will drastically shorten its life.  It is best to sell your koi to someone with a larger koi pond or return it to the place of purchase....koi can not live in tank, even if they are small.  they grow fast very quickly!

How often should I change the water on my koi pond?
Weekly 25% water changes on a pond is recommended unless your pond is constantly fed by a natural water source.

Can I cycle my pond with koi?
It is not recommended to do so as they are an expensive fish.

What were koi developed from?
The common Carp.

Where adid koi originate from?
Some authorities believe that koi originated from Persia.  They were actually selectively bred in Japan.

Help!  My koi is sick!  What do I do?
Look at the symptoms and do some online research (this place is a good place to start) How severe are the symptoms?  Post questions on a forum like this one to find out what is wrong with your fish.  When you have the diagnosis, it is best to isolate your koi in a large rubbermaid container (at least 55 gallons) and feed very lightly.

Where is the best place to purchase koi from?
Importing them from Japan is the best way to go, but if you have a breeder near your area, that should suffice. Look for an experienced koi breeder in your local area.  Getting koi from an experienced breeder ensures that you will get high quality disease-free koi.  Breeders keep their koi in top condition and make sure that they are housed properly, while petstores cannot usually accomodate koi and often cramp them into small tanks which can stress the fish out.

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