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Catch Your Fish The Easy Way

By: Jubs

Well I have seen a lot people talking about catching their fish in planted and heavily decorated tanks and how much of a pain it is. Here is a easy and simple way to catch your fish without tearing up your tank.

What you need to make it:

Plastic bottle

Razor blade or scissors

The Procedure:

Cut the neck a bit below the taper from the top...

Take the cap off (no brainer but you never know

Flip the top part and put it into the bottle inverted, like so...

Toss in some food, I have found frozen works the best as it attracts the fish more but any will work for the most part. Then slowly put into the tank and let the air bubbles out and let it sink to the bottom of the tank. Then you walk away or watch, but it can take from 1 minute or an hour sometimes depending on how long it takes the fish to figure their way into the trap. 9 out of 10 times they won't be able to figure how to get out. This is useful if you are trying to catch a certain fish, wait then sort out the fish when the fish you want is in it!

You can make different sizes to accommodate tank and fish size.

These also work very well for catching shrimp as well. This has saved me a lot of frustration over the years of using it and I highly recommend it for anyone but especially for people with heavily planted tanks. You can also cut the tip off the bottle a bit if your fish are a little bit bigger then the opening.

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