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Irridescent Shark

By: Bluerose50
Common Name: Irridescent Shark
Latin Name: pangasius suitchi
Origin: Thailand
Ease Of Keeping: Hard
Aggressivness: peaceful
Lighting: very sensible to sudent light change
Adult Size: 36" normaly in fish tank 48" in the wild
Minimum Tank Size: 8 feet by 4 feet 500 gallon for full life a 10-12 feet tank needed
Feeding: Plankton,krill,algae waffer,turbifex worms
Comments: I deceided to write an article on those amazing fish because there seem to be a lot of confusion on those fish.

Irridescent shark are not supposed to hide all the time and never come out. If yours is doing this something is wrong. Irridescent shark are very active fish that spend their time always swiming. In fact they never rest. Some say is because they feel trapped in a tank but they never hide away.

If your irridescent shark have not grow much in 4 years and more something is wrong to. Irridescent shark can get to their size in only 4 years. Like other catfish they can't survive on flake food. You must feed them a lot of frozen food until their belly is big and looks like it's going to explose. Be prepared to have huge bills in fish food. Don't buy food at the pet store for those fish because the fish is going to eat you out of the house. Instead buy in bulk somewhere on the internet. Big fish with big appetie. Buy frozen dried plankton, frozen dried krill,krill pellets, algea waffers,turbiflex worms but be careful turbifex worms are only a treat like cocholate they are not a stample food. Your food must have a high level of fat in it. Fat food make fish grows.

You may notice that your shark may swim and stay all the time in one corner of your tank instead of swiming all over the tank. Is it because those fish lives near watterfall. so if you have a hang on the back water filter they will stay near it as if it was a watterfall. You must add more water courrent in there like with an overflow or something.

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