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About FishRESCUE(c)

FishRESCUE is a not for profit non 501(c)(3)organization dedicating cooperative efforts towards saving unwanted pet, pond and aquarium fish. We also educate the public on the growing number of fish being purchased as pets then for unforeseen reasons become "Too Much Trouble!"

At FishRESCUE, we rescue and provide temporary conditions while new homes are sought for unwanted pet aquatics.

If you have ever had fish as pets, shortly you would notice that they are intelligent, friendly and often each has it’s own personality. This is true whether your fish were in a pond or in an aquarium. Big or little these finned friend need to be re-homed.

Often pets of every type, dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles, are purchased then become unwanted. There are many government and non-government facilities to shelter and care for these Homeless" pets. However, fish shelters are a different story. Where do you take that unwanted fish? Many are just killed by being flushed down the commode, or, worst yet, released into the wild. How inhumane!

Whatever you do, DO NOT RELEASE "aquarium" freshwater or saltwater fish into our environment. Invasions of non-native species of fish are becoming more and more of a problem in many areas throughout the United States.

Donations of food, supplies and money to FishRESCUEÓ are greatly appreciated. Please email for more information.

In pet stores an inexperienced new fish keeper should steer away from fish that are too hard to care for or might too large for normal home or pond environments. The problems are inexperienced fish keepers who buy the "cute little fish" find the fish they purchased soon out grow their tanks, or babies are hatched, or the whole situation become more work than bargained for.

Often these inexperienced fish keepers feel they only have the option to release them into the wild. In the summer months these tropical fish will thrive in many bodies of water but spread disease and often decimate native ecosystems. There have been several, documented cases, where these fish survive and become the prevailing predominant species negatively affecting everything in the native species environment.

This is a growing problem and with your help you can spread the word about FishRESCUE to try and stop the this detrimental cycle and help find new homes for currently held fish. An answer to these problems is FishRESCUE.

We will try to take any fish big or small for whatever reason no questions asked. We also accept most types of aquarium equipment you do not want or need.

Please CONTACT us with any questions and we will be happy answer them. Our email is

Think of FishRESCUE as a rescue shelter much like those saving cats and dogs except we exclusively save fish. Having us come and pick one up requires a small donation. Shipping fish to us is a more expedite and cost effective method of transporting.

We care for the fish, sometimes nurse them back to health and usually re-home the fish. Food, care and medical supplies for this costs money. When a fish is adopted out we try to make sure that the new owner is educated on proper care and tank size for the fish. We offer tank set up advice and ongoing suggestions to the new owner.

We operate on our own funds and the generous support of you, the concerned citizen or hobbyist. Your  donations keep us alive and operational helping re-locate these fish that are in need of proper homes.

Two Ways To Help Us Help Those That Don’t BARK, MEOW, CHIRP or SLITHER.

One, please help us by sending a just buck or two. Send your donation to Via Paypal or contact us there for more information. If you wish to send a check, mail it to FishRESCUE, 5441 Harborage Dr., Ft. Myers, FL. 33908.

Two, cut and past this document and email it to friends or post it on forums or Internet news papers.  Please get the word out because most other agencies will not help fish!
Thank you for your support!

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