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Red Cherry Shrimp

By: John Harris
Common Name: Red Cherry Shrimp
Latin Name: Neocaridina denticulata sinensis
Origin: Taiwan, China
Temperature: 50 deg - 85 deg f.
Ease Of Keeping: Easy
Aggressivness: Non-aggressive
Lighting: n/a
Adult Size: 2.5-3.5 cm
Minimum Tank Size: five gallons
Feeding: algae, fish food, hardwood leaves
Spawning Method: Benthic surpressed larval stage

"Berried" Cherry Shrimp © Mollielover

 Red cherry shrimp are hardy, adaptable variety of dwarf freshwater shrimp originally from southern China, but bred heavily in Taiwain and other parts of Asia. They are best kept in a range of pH values from neutral (7.0) to alkaline (8.0) in a small aquarium or a species tank all to themselves. They are fantastic algae eaters and will graze plants and tank decor, removing and eating problem algaes, detritus and mulm. They will also readily accept fish foods of all types including flakes and pellet foods, and will even eat dried soaked hardwood leaves such as oak or almond leaves. They are peaceful and can be kept in groups and with small nano-sized fish as long as the fish aren't large enough to eat them. They are adaptable to a wide range of temperatures and will live peacefully in cool to warm water tanks.

Breeding is simple. The young do not go through a larval planktonic stage, and are born miniature versions of the adult shrimp. Females will hold clutches of berry shaped eggs with them prior to hatching. Males tend to be lighter in color, while breeding females generally develop an intense red. The color of both sexes of shrimp can be enhanced with a dark substrate (black) and feeding of red algaes (natu-rose) and algae flakes. They will not harm their own young, and can be housed as a group. Growth takes place through molting their outer chitin carapace and shedding, which should be left in the tank for them to re-consume for the chitin.

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