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Dragon Goby

By Clint Norwood

Also known as: Violet Goby or Dragon Eel

Origin: The Americas, from North Carolina to Brazil

Latin Name: Gobioides broussoneti

Temperature: 68 - 77F (20 - 25C)

pH: 6.5 to 8

dH: Medium to Hard

Temperament: The Dragon Goby is a gentle monster, it's nowhere close to as mean and evil as it looks. The Dragon may sometimes eat a small sick or injured fish but it is not a predatory fish. Dragons get along well with other non-aggressive fish.

Adult Size: Up to 2 ft (60cm)
Smaller in captivity

Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons, but bigger is better

Feeding: Best results with small live foods, but will accept frozen and/or pelleted and flake foods. Loves worms.

Comments: Here is a novel fish. Though it looks like a vicious predator, it's really a teddy bear. The Dragon Goby will do well in a community of not too small fish. It is easy to care for and will always be the main attraction for your visiting friends.

Dragon Gobies like caves and rocky hiding places, and enjoy a good roll in the sand. They are very active for a goby, not in the least skittish.

If you see Dragon Gobies for sale in a pet shop they will almost always claim they are very aggressive and not to be trusted with other fish, this is wrong.

Please don't pass off on the Dragon because it's ugly and mean looking, give em a chance.

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Name : Nick
Comments : I just bought a dragon goby for my tank. It is around 4.5" presently, and he is in a freshwater tank. If you get one, and he hides out a lot during the day, check up on him later on at night, when it is dark, he'll venture out.

Name: Jared
Comments: First off, most people get the wrong idea and info. about these fish. I have owned aquariums for 7 years, and my dragon fish (dragon goby) for 2.You don't need a brackish tank if your tap water is slightly high. Around 8.5-9.5ph. Most eat algae wafers, and shrimp pellets. Mine was 5" when I bought it, and is now 14". If you make a rock cave, they will stay there awhile. They don't like fast moving water or rough gravel.

Name: Byrl
Comments: I have had my dragon fish for 2 years. He was around 4" long when I got him and is 1' long and very thick and healthy looking now. He has been one of my favorite fish out of a hobby extending a period of over 12 years. He is a gentle giant that's great in a community tank. The only aggression or appearance there of was towards another dragon fish I purchased at the same time. He had out grew the other dragon by a couple of inches in length and was a lot thicker than the smaller one...he would chase the smaller one when it would get near him, but he never went looking for a fight, we'll say. The smaller dragon met its demise by finding a power sweep intake that's siphon had fallen off (may she rest in peace ).These fish are very hardy fish that have survived a couple instances of very harsh conditions.My dragon's like to hide in tight surroundings, but they don't mind whether it's day time or night time when they come out to stir around and patrol for the almighty shrimp pellet or frozen blood worm.I would recommend these fish to Long John himself if he wouldn't cook them.

Name: Effendi
Comments: I recently bought a Dragon Goby. It was EXPENSIVE. I'm living in Singapore and that that kinda fish is rarely seen here. So I bought it. I thought it would eat my small fishes like my baby giant whiptail Bumblebee Goby. My Banded Knifefish and all. But it didn't. Currently it's living with them along with a new addition of a Threadfin Paradise. It is not ugly. It really has a beautiful body with gold bands... Really weird yet attractive. Mine is currently small around 10cm. Still a baby. Hope its colours will stay that way.

Name: Seth Thompson
Comments: I have had my dragon fish for about 6 months its doing great. I lost my first one due to temp of the water and the ph. I recently came across another place that had dragon fish so I purchased another one, the two became friends instantly they are doing great now. I hear a lot that unless you have a 125-200+ then they won't survive, that's a myth, I have a 55 gallon tank and they do just fine. My two dragon fish are 8 and 10 inches they're still small but they do well with smaller fish. I just bought baby cichlids, they're still there.

Name: laura
Comments: Had our dragon goby for 5 months now going strong and has grown 2 inches in the meantime reaching about 8 inches now. He loves frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp but will also eat flakes and algae tabs. He loves his big corner cave but is always out swimming around none the less. Great fish personality and doesn't bother a soul (not even the neons or Cories).

Name: Janet
Comments: Went and got a baby dragon today, mostly out of sympathy for it. They had 3 of them in a tank full of Red belly Pacu. The clerk proceeded to tell me how mean and aggressive they are, how they need water that's 80F+ and how one "bit" her and left a hole in her hand. ( they are maybe 4 inches long).. so far it hasnt bothered a thing, including the feeders for the mean evil nasty goldfish.

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