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Elisabeth A
I think this website is wonderful! I have been a tropical fish enthusiast for quite some time, and I have yet to find a more informative site! Your keep it simple ideas are fabuous as it is easy to get sucked in to feeling that you need to add different chemicals to your tank every hour. Every person who has tropical fish or is thinking about getting pet fish should be required to look up this site.

Lynn Hershberger
We are getting ready to get our first fish tank. All the info from your site is very helpful.

I rec'd my betta in a vase for xmas. I wanted to thank you and websites like yours for stopping me from starving my betta, I too was led to believe you did not have to feed them. Thank goodness I read your sites and ran for the pet store!! My "Buddy" and I thank you again.
Andrea and Buddy!

Linda K
I "stumbled" onto your site and, happily, learned more in the 30 min I spent there than any other one source I've been able to locate. I expect to return many times. Thank you!

Hi! This is now my FIRST fishie-place I go to when surfing for fishie-places! I can't get enough of this site! MOREMOREMORE!

Jared J
I think your web site is the best. It only has stuff about fish in it and it has no junk in it its the cleanest web site ever. Everyone in this web site is so friendly and gives me the infromation i need to run my tank smoothly.
Your friend,

This is a great site!! The message board is very helpfull. I've used it many times to help me with my fish problems or concerns. Those fish people really know their stuff. This site is also very informative. I've really learned a lot!! derek s
Now that im finished saying hi i think your websight is very helpful. It provides many pictures and info on the subject and has given me much help as a beginner!

Edward L
Good site especially for beginners of this hobby like me. Very comprehensive & easy to borwse...keep it up.

This is an awesome website. I really love that you provide different pictures of all the fish & have great info & tips about everything! Brandy C
I love this website! Everything I need to know & all the help I need is in one place!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What

sheri b
I just love all the info and great photo's on this site. So far this is one of my favorite places to come to and read up on anything new, keep up the good work.

cheryl daniels
great site. very imformative answers

i love the site! so imformative! helps a lot in fish crisis!
nothing can describe this site because it is so FAR OUT!

This is a great site...very helpful!:)

mike geltz
just found your site & love it - thanks

Melinda D
I am doing a presentation on zebra fish and this site helped me greately. Thank you.

Sylvia L
I like your site and find it very informative.



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